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Source:Companies House, United Kingdom

This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
Quomodocunquizing Ltd 24a Stanmer Court, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9PU, England 2019-12-02
Rev Rooms (sound) Ltd 1 Rev Rooms, 1 Clifton Mews, Brighton, BN1 3HR, England 2019-12-02
Uplift Collective Cic 13 Devonshire Place Devonshire Place, Flat 7, Brighton, BN2 1QA, England 2019-12-02
Effyis Ltd 8 Pevensey Road, Brighton, BN2 3AG, England 2019-11-29
Endurance Content Ltd 3 Scarborough Road, Brighton, BN1 5NR, United Kingdom 2019-11-29
Bluebell and Joe Ltd Mark Carr & Co Ltd, Century House 15-19, Dyke Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3FE, United Kingdom 2019-11-28
Petes Personal Care Ltd 7 Dewe Road, 7 Dewe Road, Brighton, Sussex, BN2 4BE, England 2019-11-28
Run Unity Events Limited 41b Clermont Terrace, Brighton, BN1 6SJ, England 2019-11-28
Smarter Shows (no 2) Limited 2nd Floor, 79-83, North Street, Brighton, BN1 1ZA, United Kingdom 2019-11-28
Airbag Records Limited 21 Tangmere Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 8TJ, United Kingdom 2019-11-27
Deep Coaching Ltd Brighton Sports Therapy 5 The Offices, Fleet Street, Brighton, BN1 4ZE, England 2019-11-27
Nikpou Ltd 105 Moulsecoomb Way, Brighton, BN2 4PE, England 2019-11-27
Pizza 2 Night Brighton Ltd 2a North Street, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 1DG, England 2019-11-27
S Morris Plumbing Services Ltd 1 Romsey Close, Brighton, BN1 7BQ, United Kingdom 2019-11-27
Cgmg Ltd 48-50 Western Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2EB, United Kingdom 2019-11-26
Elf (uk) Touring Ltd 10 Eastern Terrace Mews, Brighton, BN2 1EP, England 2019-11-26
Family Shared Holiday Limited 44 Lowther Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 6LG, England 2019-11-26
Bare Aesthetics By Abbie Ltd 4 Catherine Vale, Catherine Vale, Brighton, BN2 6TZ, England 2019-11-25
Future Live Ltd 14 Preston Street, Brighton, BN1 2HN, England 2019-11-25
South Lanes Studios Ltd 15-17 Middle Street, The Werks, South Lanes Studios, Brighton, BN1 1AL, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Western Horrors Limited Flat 13, Windsor Court, Brighton, BN1 1RS, England 2019-11-25
Classique Q&a Magazine Ltd 18 Twineham Close, 18 Twineham Close, Brighton, BN2 5LN, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Creative Ageing Ltd 72 Mackie Avenue, Brighton, BN1 8RB, England 2019-11-22
Lcc Aviation Ltd 13a Whippingham Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 3LL, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Shrimp City Ltd 47 Haybourne Road, Brighton, BN2 5QR, England 2019-11-22
Sugartech Properties Ltd Stanford Gate 2nd Floor, Stanford Gate, South Road, Brighton, BN1 5SB, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Wayward Bettys Ltd 53 Thornhill Avenue, Brighton, BN1 8RG, England 2019-11-22
De Vita Limited Apartment 9, Jarvis House, 48 East Street, Brighton, BN1 1HL, United Kingdom 2019-11-21
Freelancejjb Ltd 126 Regency House, 91 Weston Road, Brighton, BN1 2NW, United Kingdom 2019-11-21
Southwick Fish Bar Limited 6 The Broadway, Southwick, Brighton, BN42 4ND, England 2019-11-21
The Dive Club Ltd 88 Hartington Road, Gff, Brighton, BN2 3PB, England 2019-11-21
Vertikan Uk Limited 14 Matlock Road, Brighton, BN1 5BF, United Kingdom 2019-11-21
Little Thing Enterprises Ltd 25 Freshfield Place, Brighton, BN2 0BN, England 2019-11-20
Razzle Dazzle Complete Ltd 7 Stoneleigh Avenue, Brighton, BN1 8NP, England 2019-11-20
Triple Point Coffee Ltd 33 Park Crescent Terrace, Brighton, BN2 3HD, England 2019-11-20
Buddyng Limited 121 Coombe Road, Brighton, BN2 4ED, United Kingdom 2019-11-19
Currency Zone Ltd 11e St. Margarets Place, Sussex Heights, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2FQ, United Kingdom 2019-11-19
Lukas' Sourdough Ltd 3 Flat, 50a Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XB, United Kingdom 2019-11-19
Roberts Howes Ltd Protran Housese, Boundary Road, Brighton, BN2 5TJ, England 2019-11-19
78 Marine Parade Owners Rtm Company Limited Flat 78a (lgff) 78, Marine Parade, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 1AE 2019-11-18
Alleviate Today Limited 88 Oaklands Avenue, Saltdean, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 8PA, United Kingdom 2019-11-18
Ez-xl Ltd Platf9rm Floor 5, Tower Point, 44 North Rd, Brighton, BN1 1YR, England 2019-11-18
Legacy Pipework Ltd 61 Hythe Road, Brighton, BN1 6JR, United Kingdom 2019-11-18
Shepherd Wheel Ltd. 48 Freshfield Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 9ZG, United Kingdom 2019-11-18
The Coffee Counter Brighton Ltd 109 Stroudley Road, Brighton, BN1 4DJ, United Kingdom 2019-11-18
Beevee Lettings Ltd 6 Terminus Street, Brighton, BN1 3PE, United Kingdom 2019-11-15
Eventaidfirstaid Ltd. 47 Beaconsfield Villas, Brighton, BN1 6HB, United Kingdom 2019-11-15
Extra Developments Ltd 1 Links Road, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 1XH, England 2019-11-15
Ioniske Collection Ltd 38a Dyke Road Avenue, Brighton, Sussex, BN1 5LE, England 2019-11-15
Polowood Clay Shooting and Corporate Entertainment Ltd 45 Plymouth Avenue, Brighton, BN2 4JA, England 2019-11-15
Salon App Global Ltd 29 Wanderdown Road, Ovingdean, Brighton, BN2 7BT, England 2019-11-15
Steve Carter Consulting Ltd 14 Tivoli Road, Brighton, BN1 5BH, England 2019-11-15
Automation One Ltd 24 York Villas, Brighton, BN1 3TS, England 2019-11-14
Ballin Brighton Ltd 55 Merton Court, The Strand, Brighton Marina Village, Brighton, BN2 5XZ, England 2019-11-14
The Oasis Way Cic 63 Basement Flat, Totland Road, Brighton, BN2 3EP, United Kingdom 2019-11-14
Dr Mark Austin Limited 20 Surrenden Crescent, Brighton, BN1 6WF, United Kingdom 2019-11-13
Eightfold Commercial Limited 74 74 Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3HZ, United Kingdom 2019-11-13
Goodboyz Limited 25a Springfield Road, Springfield Road, Brighton, BN1 6DF, England 2019-11-13
Oven Pride Ltd Flat 12 Martlets House, Springfield Road, Brighton, BN1 6DF, England 2019-11-13
Ptg Maintenance Services Ltd 1 Cavendish Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 1RN, United Kingdom 2019-11-13
Antser Ltd 10 Park Street, Brighton, BN2 0BS, England 2019-11-12
Aziza Indian Ltd 4 Loyal Parade, Brighton, BN1 5GG, England 2019-11-12
Land of Fire Gold Grains Cic 149 Preston Road Brighton, The City of Brighton An, Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 6AF, United Kingdom 2019-11-12
Soul System Ltd 26 Hampstead Road, Brighton, BN1 5NG, England 2019-11-12
Summit Resourcing Ltd 5 Dean Street, Brighton, BN1 3EG, England 2019-11-12
Cherry Tree Lane (brighton) Limited 4 Cherry Tree Lane, Crescent Drive South, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 6RB 2019-11-11
Climate 2100 Ltd 55 Redhill Drive, Brighton, BN1 5FL, England 2019-11-11
Julie Kuyath Ltd Flat 8 59-62 Regency Court, Regency Square, Brighton, BN1 2FF, England 2019-11-11
The Blaze Entertainment Media Company Ltd 33a Elm Grove, Brighton, BN2 3ET, United Kingdom 2019-11-11
The Mystery Book Club Ltd 14 Larkfield Way, Brighton, BN1 8EF, England 2019-11-11
Yumli Accountancy Ltd 1 Burlington Gardens, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 2DS, England 2019-11-11
Crystal Dome Productions Ltd Bf 12 Grafton Street, Brighton, BN2 1AQ, United Kingdom 2019-11-08
Fair Plumbing and Heating Ltd 63 Milner Road, Brighton, BN2 4BR, England 2019-11-08
Mangaji Ltd 23 Dale Crescent, Brighton, BN1 8NT, England 2019-11-08
Collaborative Design Studios Ltd 150 Havelock Road, Brighton, BN1 6GQ, United Kingdom 2019-11-06
H2o Homes Limited 34 Waterfront, Brighton Marina Village, Brighton, BN2 5WA, England 2019-11-06
J's Pizza Ltd 32 Unit, I & J Viaduct Road, Brighton, BN1 4NB, England 2019-11-06
Ilym Community Ltd 23 Rustington Road, Brighton, BN1 8DQ, United Kingdom 2019-11-05
The Full Works Building Company Limited 95 North Lane, Portslade, Brighton, East Sussex, BN41 2HF, England 2019-11-05
Abode Lettings and Property Management Group Ltd 4th Floor, Park Gate 161-163, Preston Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 6AF, England 2019-11-04
Amber Void Solutions Ltd 99 Eldred Avenue, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 5EL, United Kingdom 2019-11-04
Bid Me App Ltd 20 Coombe Road, Brighton, BN2 4EA, United Kingdom 2019-11-04
Christopherlloyd Developments Ltd 17 North Gardens, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3LB, United Kingdom 2019-11-04
E&a Financial Advisory Ltd 7 Coldean Lane, Brighton, BN1 9GD, United Kingdom 2019-11-04
Fiix Health and Performance Ltd 22 Montpelier Street, Brighton, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3DJ, England 2019-11-04
K.grabowiec Limited 15 Upper Rock Gardens, Brighton, BN2 1QE, England 2019-11-04
Rosie's Sunbeds Ltd 29 Old Barn Way, Southwick, Brighton, BN42 4NS, United Kingdom 2019-11-04
The Caristocrat Brighton Ltd 47 Hollingdean Road, Brighton, BN2 4AA, United Kingdom 2019-11-04
Twinkit Ltd Flat 4 Ditchling Court, 136a Ditchling Road Flat 4 Ditchling Court, 136a Ditchling Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 6JA, United Kingdom 2019-11-04
9 Richmond Road Management Company Ltd 9b Richmond Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 3RL, England 2019-11-01
Chandrika Ltd P.O.Box BN12LD, 2 2 Western Terrace, Apartment 2, Brighton, BN1 2LD, United Kingdom 2019-11-01
Dno Publishing Ltd 8 Crescent Mansions, Princes Crescent, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 3RB, United Kingdom 2019-11-01
Vip-concultancy Limited 6 Carol Close, Brighton, BN1 8QG, United Kingdom 2019-11-01
Workspace Records Ltd 18a Compton Road, Brighton, BN1 5AN, United Kingdom 2019-11-01
Fern & Pine Design Studio Ltd Studio 5 Level 5 North New England House, New England Street, Brighton, BN1 4GH, England 2019-10-31
Ise Energy Training Limited 34 Duke Street, Brighton, BN1 1BS, United Kingdom 2019-10-31
Lf Communications Ltd 63 Denton Drive, Brighton, BN1 8LR, England 2019-10-31
Lux Future Ltd 43 Stanford Avenue, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 6GA, England 2019-10-31
No 7even Ltd Cci Maria House, Millers Road, Brighton, BN1 5NP, United Kingdom 2019-10-31
P Knott Limited 28 Garden Flat, 28 Sillwood Road, Brighton, Sussex, BN1 2LE, England 2019-10-31