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Source:Companies House, United Kingdom

This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
Adana Yildirim Limited 113 Brynheulog, Pentwyn, Cardiff, CF23 7JD, Wales 2020-01-13
Clinical365 Ltd 1 Sant-y-nyll Cottages St. Y Nyll Lane, Capel Llanilltern, Cardiff, CF5 6HF, Wales 2020-01-13
Definitionary Game Ltd 97 King George V Drive North, Cardiff, CF14 4EH, Wales 2020-01-13
Four Mutts Tv Limited 86-88 Adam Street, Cardiff, CF24 2FN, United Kingdom 2020-01-13
Little Explorers In The Park Ltd 49 St. Gowan Avenue, Cardiff, CF14 4JX, Wales 2020-01-13
Marcus Webster Construction Ltd 82 Archer Road, Cardiff, CF5 4FS, Wales 2020-01-13
Mightywash Valeting Services Ltd 54 Wentloog Close, Rumney, Cardiff, CF3 3HB, Wales 2020-01-13
Quire Consulting Ltd 1 Cornflower Close, Lisvane, Cardiff, CF14 0BD, Wales 2020-01-13
Rwg Estates Ltd 118 Picca Close, Cardiff, CF5 6XR, Wales 2020-01-13
Welshyworld Limited 26 Arabella Street, Cardiff, CF24 4TA, Wales 2020-01-13
Gallom Estates Limited Brooklyn" 58 Rhiwbina Hill, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, CF14 6UQ, United Kingdom 2020-01-10
Network Synergy Limited 84 Carlisle Street, Cardiff, CF24 2PF, Wales 2020-01-10
Spice Q Limited 290 North Road, Cardiff, CF14 3BN, Wales 2020-01-10
A Curtis Consultancy Ltd 51 St. Mellons Road, Marshfield, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF3 2TX, United Kingdom 2020-01-09
Acg Cleaning Services Ltd 11 Wyndham Street, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF11 6DQ, United Kingdom 2020-01-09
Britannia Europe Consulting Uk Ltd Flat 65 Hollybush Estate, Beech House, Cardiff, CF14 7EE, Wales 2020-01-09
Clifden Mortgage Advisers Limited 6 Pembroke Road, Cardiff, CF5 1QR, Wales 2020-01-09
Intricut Barber Studios Limited 814 Newport Road, Rumney, Cardiff, CF3 4FH, Wales 2020-01-09
Jigsaw Wellbeing Ltd 13 Heol Erwin, Cardiff, CF14 6QP, Wales 2020-01-09
Skatterbrains Limited 4 Rowan Way, Lisvane, Cardiff, CF14 0TB, Wales 2020-01-09
Wp Grid Services 1 Limited Fourth Floor, 2, Kingsway, Cardiff, CF10 3FD, Wales 2020-01-09
Wp Grid Services 2 Limited Fourth Floor, 2 Kingsway, Cardiff, CF10 3FD, Wales 2020-01-09
Cyantys Limited 12 Heol Nant Glandulas, Lisvane, Cardiff, CF14 0PQ, United Kingdom 2020-01-08
Dhillon Associates Ltd 30 Carisbrooke Way, Cardiff, CF23 9HW, Wales 2020-01-08
Freeflow Brewing Co. Ltd 26 Arles Road, Cardiff, CF5 5AP, Wales 2020-01-08
Nest Lettings + Property Management Ltd 11 Heol Merlin, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5QD, Wales 2020-01-08
Puns Edutech Ltd 199-209 City Road, Room 231, Cardiff, CF24 3JR, United Kingdom 2020-01-08
Routebuddies Limited 38 Gordon Road, Cardiff, CF24 3AL, Wales 2020-01-08
Seren Glas Properties Limited 19 St Agatha Road, Heath, Cardiff, CF14 4EA, United Kingdom 2020-01-08
Arksya Group Limited P016 376 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF23 9AE, United Kingdom 2020-01-07
Banda2020 Ltd C/o Baldwins, Ty Derw Lime Tree Court, Cardiff Gate Business Park, Cardiff, CF23 8AB, United Kingdom 2020-01-07
Cardiff Auto Valeting Limited 862 - 864 Newport Road, Rumney, Cardiff, CF3 4LJ, United Kingdom 2020-01-07
Cariad Community Cic 9 Chamomile Close, Pontprennau, Cardiff, CF23 8RE, Wales 2020-01-07
Epos Equipment Ltd Unit 8b Charnwood Park, Clos Marion, Cardiff, CF10 4LJ, Wales 2020-01-07
Hq Dispensary Limited 44 Charles Street, Cardiff, CF10 2GE, United Kingdom 2020-01-07
Jonathan Moroko Company Unit 111, 2 Alexandra Gate, Cardiff, CF24 2SA, United Kingdom 2020-01-07
New Mirch1 Ltd 77 Mynachdy Road, Cardiff, CF14 3DX, Wales 2020-01-07
Rentals Made Simple Ltd 3 Tynewydd Drive, Castleton, Cardiff, CF3 2SB, Wales 2020-01-07
S.a. Property Group Ltd 164 Brynheulog, Pentwyn, Cardiff, CF23 7JE, Wales 2020-01-07
Brilliant Mobile Ltd 164 Sloper Road, Cardiff, CF11 8LA, Wales 2020-01-06
Brotoxuk Ltd Flat 17 Sachville Avenue, Sachville Court, Cardiff, CF14 3NY, Wales 2020-01-06
Fast Fire & Security Technologies Ltd 2 Glamorgan Street, Cardiff, CF5 1QS, Wales 2020-01-06
Glam By Cham Ltd 12 Ball Road, Llanrumney, Cardiff, CF3 4BY, Wales 2020-01-06
Hartrey Ltd 12 Speedwell Close, Pontprennau, Cardiff, CF23 8QF, Wales 2020-01-06
Hrmm Ltd 160 Penarth Road, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF11 6NJ, United Kingdom 2020-01-06
Marsden Music Tech Ltd 94 Malaga House, Penstone Court, Cardiff, CF10 5NN, United Kingdom 2020-01-06
Mother Nature Restaurant Limited 16 High Street Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1BB, Wales 2020-01-06
Mycrashpad Ltd The Business Centre, Falcon Drive, Cardiff, CF10 4RU, Wales 2020-01-06
Pca Associates Ltd 18 Brookvale Drive, Thornhill, Cardiff, CF14 9EH, Wales 2020-01-06
Gtg Investments Limited 16 Tiverton Drive, Rumney, Cardiff, CF3 4AX, Wales 2020-01-03
Mastery Digital Ltd International House, 10 Churchill Way, Cardiff, CF10 2HE, United Kingdom 2020-01-03
Modern Frames Design Limited 36 St. Helens Road, Cardiff, CF14 4AR, Wales 2020-01-03
Skylines Property Management Ltd 228 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF5 1GY, United Kingdom 2020-01-03
The Green Mile Movement Cic Flat E Kimberley Terrace, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5EA, Wales 2020-01-03
Ty Caws Ltd 24 Ferndale Street, Cardiff, CF11 7BA, Wales 2020-01-03
Hippo Health Care Ltd 27 Clifton Street, Cardiff, CF24 1LQ, Wales 2020-01-02
Hzaben for Media & Education Support Limited 115 Blackoak Road, Cardiff, CF23 6QW, Wales 2020-01-02
Jayant Limited 112 Corporation Road, Cardiff, CF11 7AX, Wales 2020-01-02
Jg Navarro Services Ltd 22 Arlington Crescent, Llanrumney, Cardiff, CF3 4HN, Wales 2020-01-02
Kurdistan Restaurant Ltd 140 Clifton Street, Cardiff, CF24 1LY, Wales 2020-01-02
Powerfab Excavators Limited Titan House Cardiff Bay Business Centre, Lewis Road, Cardiff, CF24 5BS, United Kingdom 2020-01-02
W J Thomas Lovespoons Limited 25 Lovage Close, Pontprennau, Cardiff, CF23 8SB, Wales 2020-01-02
Casiandrei Limited 37 Loudoun Square, Cardiff, CF10 5JD, Wales 2019-12-31
Thurston Sourcing Limited 17 Moy Road Industrial Estate, Taffs Well, Cardiff, CF15 7QR, Wales 2019-12-31
Aba Transport Ltd 127 Arabella Street, Cardiff, CF24 4SY, Wales 2019-12-30
Ah Hair Extensions Ltd Washbourne Cottage Ty'r Winch Road, Old St. Mellons, Cardiff, CF3 5UX, Wales 2019-12-30
Artisan Multiserv Ltd 47 Hammond Way, Cardiff, CF23 9BB, Wales 2019-12-30
Artro Investigations Ltd 25 Llangattock Road, Cardiff, CF5 3BQ, Wales 2019-12-30
Bugalicious Cymru Limited 9 Palace Road, Cardiff, CF5 2AF, Wales 2019-12-30
Galaxy Space Athletic Cic 3 Salvia Close, St. Mellons, Cardiff, CF3 0JF, Wales 2019-12-30
Green Leaf Farms Limited 39 Llansannor Drive, Cardiff, CF10 4BW, Wales 2019-12-30
Hassan Health Enterprise Ltd 42 Craiglee Drive, Cardiff, CF10 4BN, Wales 2019-12-30
Italian Cars Cardiff Ltd Suite 31 Connies House, Rhymney River Bridge Road, Cardiff, County (optional), CF23 9AF, United Kingdom 2019-12-30
Lizkin Ltd 62 Woolaston Avenue, Cardiff, CF23 6HA, Wales 2019-12-30
Tranquil Properties Limited 48 Leckwith Avenue, Cardiff, CF11 8HQ, Wales 2019-12-30
Volts2amps Ltd 86 Pantbach Road, Cardiff, CF14 1UD, Wales 2019-12-30
Wilshaw Consulting Cyf. 25 Victoria Park Road West, Cardiff, CF5 1EZ, Wales 2019-12-30
Chevington Trading Limited Unit15c Moy Road Industrial Estate, Taffs Well, Cardiff, CF15 7QR, Wales 2019-12-27
Electric Mobility Limited 1 Aberteifi Crescent, Cardiff, CF14 2SA, Wales 2019-12-27
Gma Network Ltd. 46 Stockland Street, Cardiff, CF11 7LX, United Kingdom 2019-12-27
Llewellyn Developments Ltd 108 Brython Drive, St. Mellons, Cardiff, CF3 0GB, Wales 2019-12-27
Equator Imports Ltd 126 Holmesdale, Cardiff, CF11 7BW, United Kingdom 2019-12-24
Kutkut Limited 8 Despenser Gardens, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF11 6AY, United Kingdom 2019-12-24
Mmn Matthew's Media Networks Ltd 37 Handley Road, Cardiff, CF24 2HF, Wales 2019-12-24
Penarthpartnership Limited 3 Paget Street, Cardiff, CF11 7LB, Wales 2019-12-24
Prodomo Ltd Highways, Bonvilston, Cardiff, CF5 6TQ, Wales 2019-12-24
Dpg Roofing Limited 26 Crumlin Drive, St. Mellons, Cardiff, CF3 0HD, Wales 2019-12-23
Every Day Dealsuk Ltd 48 Templeton Avenue, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5JG, Wales 2019-12-23
Maneworx Ltd 3 Ashdown Close, St. Mellons, Cardiff, CF3 0ER, Wales 2019-12-23
T/10 Promotions Ltd 6 Blue House Road, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5BW, Wales 2019-12-23
The Hiding Place Ltd 191 Moorland Road, Cardiff, CF24 2LH, Wales 2019-12-23
Thought Root Media Ltd P.O.Box UNIT 21401, Unit 21401 Unit 21401, Po Box 92, Cardiff, CF11 1NB, United Kingdom 2019-12-23
Bowen Dental Engineering Ltd 71 Caernarvon Way, Cardiff, CF3 1RW, Wales 2019-12-20
Nitrogn Ltd 27 Fern Place, Cardiff, Cardiff, CF5 3HG, Wales 2019-12-20
A Vibrant Future Ltd 10 Heol Carne, Cardiff, CF14 1HD, Wales 2019-12-19
Srjm Associates Limited 8 Gaulden Grove, Pontprennau, Cardiff, CF23 8SD, Wales 2019-12-19
Future Ecom Limited 131a Crwys Road, Cardiff, CF24 4NH, Wales 2019-12-18
G&t Properties Cardiff Limited 52 Barons Court Road, Penylan, Cardiff, CF23 9DG, United Kingdom 2019-12-18
Pjf Developments Ltd 26 West Rise, Cardiff, CF14 0RE, Wales 2019-12-18
Yebrak Limited Unit D Pendyris Street, Tramshed, Cardiff, CF11 6BH, Wales 2019-12-18