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Source:Companies House, United Kingdom

This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

COVENTRY · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
Montana/mush/guvna/gaza Guvness Limited 8 Bede Road, Coventry, CV6 3BW, England 2020-05-30
Bombo Cleaner Ltd 4 Briton Road, Coventry, CV2 4LF, England 2020-05-30
Scp Global Ltd 5 Garden Flats, Upper Eastern Green Lane, Coventry, CV5 7DE, England 2020-05-30
Ikeraad Limited 157 Humber Road, Coventry, CV3 1NZ, England 2020-05-30
Walas Auto Engineers Limited 50a Barras Green, Coventry, CV2 4LY, England 2020-05-30
Friendly Investors Ltd 57 Gainford Rise, Coventry, West Midlands, CV3 2RW, United Kingdom 2020-05-30
Amaby Care Limited 6 Quayside Court, Coventry, CV1 4NE, England 2020-05-30
A&b Cov Taxis Ltd 156a Eagle Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 4GQ, United Kingdom 2020-05-30
Vestige Ltd 64 Centenary Road, Coventry, CV4 8GF, United Kingdom 2020-05-30
Nicksons Home Improvement Ltd 99 Freeman Street, Coventry, CV6 5FF, England 2020-05-30
Dln Motors Ltd 116 Lockhurst Lane, Coventry, CV6 5NY, England 2020-05-30
Chic Serenity Limited 38 Wordsworth Road, Coventry, CV2 5HT, England 2020-05-30
O'neill Sites and Surveys Ltd. 118 Rosslyn Aveneue, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 1GN, United Kingdom 2020-05-30
Krydafit Ltd 146 Kensington Road, Coventry, CV5 6GL, England 2020-05-30
Gaman Plumbering Services Limited 50a Crescent Avenue, Coventry, CV3 1HE, England 2020-05-30
Dorma Cleaning Ltd 2 Briton Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV2 4LF, United Kingdom 2020-05-29
54 Bn Limited 64 Jamescroft, Coventry, CV3 3FH, England 2020-05-29
Budebe Limited 9 Dilcock Way, Coventry, CV4 8BX, England 2020-05-29
Ruth Bisset Ltd 28 Bassett Road, Coventry, CV6 1LF, England 2020-05-29
Dalecote Events Ltd 165 Warwick Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV3 6AU, England 2020-05-29
Lili Solutions Ltd 2 Nethermill Road, Coventry, CV6 1LQ, United Kingdom 2020-05-29
Sadid Limited 27 Harnall Lane East, Coventry, CV1 5AE, England 2020-05-29
Beswick Land Ltd Oak Tree Farm Freeboard Lane, Ryton On Dunsmore, Coventry, CV8 3EQ, England 2020-05-29
Naviha Limited 15, Florence Knightangle Court, Coventry, West Midlands, CV2 2PD, England 2020-05-28
Al Hasanat Halal Meat Ltd Limited 55 Fisher Road, Coventry, CV6 5HU, England 2020-05-28
Ciprian Andrei Services Ltd 76 Bulwer Road, Coventry, CV6 3AH, England 2020-05-28
Fire Protector Ltd 47 Little Field, Coventry, CV2 3HA, United Kingdom 2020-05-28
Speccymojo Ltd 61 Grindle Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 6DS, United Kingdom 2020-05-28
Siraj Investments Limited 1 Woodfield Road, Coventry, CV5 6AJ, United Kingdom 2020-05-28
Sandhawalia Investments Ltd 125 Browett Road, Coventry, CV6 1AX, England 2020-05-28
Multiservice2020 Ltd 75 Falstaff Road, Coventry, CV4 9RX, England 2020-05-28
Easy It 4 U Limited 2 Mulliner Street, Coventry, CV6 5EW, England 2020-05-28
Burete Ltd 8 Honeyfield Road, Coventry, CV1 4HX, England 2020-05-28
Soft Waves (uk) Ltd 92 The Barley Lea, Coventry, CV3 1DY, England 2020-05-28
New Vision1 Ltd 11 Marner Crescent, Coventry, CV6 3BX, England 2020-05-28
Pt Data Driven Technologies Consulting Limited 2 Meer Stones Road, Balsall Common, Coventry, West Midlands, CV7 7JD, United Kingdom 2020-05-28
Bal Fish Bar Ltd Bridge House, 9-13, Holbrook Lane, Coventry, CV6 4AD, United Kingdom 2020-05-28
Tomify Limited 129 Hillmorton Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV2 1FY, England 2020-05-28
J&c Thompson Ltd 260 Robin Hood Road, Coventry, CV3 3AR, England 2020-05-28
Design Chrome Ltd Unit 28 Lythalls Lane, Lythalls Lane Industrial Estate, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 6FL, United Kingdom 2020-05-28
Darcella Ltd Unit 22 Spitfire Close, Coventry Business Park, Coventry, CV5 6UR, England 2020-05-28
Bonsak Limited 40 Queen Margaret's Road, Canley, Coventry, CV4 8FW, United Kingdom 2020-05-28
Beatrice Logistics Ltd 38- 42 Flat Holbrook Lane, Coventry, CV6 4AB, England 2020-05-28
Euro Sharp Limited 29 Blythe Road, Coventry, CV1 5AU, England 2020-05-27
Avril Property Enterprises Ltd. 64 Woods Piece, Keresley End, Coventry, CV7 8NP, England 2020-05-27
Micu Trans Ltd 89 Durbar Avenue, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 5LW, England 2020-05-27
Spurt Business Services Ltd 90 Owenford Road, Coventry, CV6 3FR, England 2020-05-27
Mustafa Rattansi Biz Ltd 113 Holyhead Road, Coventry, CV1 3AD, England 2020-05-27
Jte Stores Limited 41 Silverton Road, Coventry, CV6 5GX, England 2020-05-27
Fastdirect Logistics Ltd Flat 88 Wood Court, Gresley Road, Coventry, CV2 1RJ, England 2020-05-27
Theluxlashes Ltd Paradise House 15-23, Paradise Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 2JU, United Kingdom 2020-05-27
Rt Edu Limited Flat 9 The Cooperative, 18 Corporation Street, Coventry, CV1 1GF, United Kingdom 2020-05-27
1forafrica Ltd Flat 59 The Co-operative, 18 Corporation Street, Coventry, CV1 1GF, United Kingdom 2020-05-27
Sperling Saddles Limited 74 Jobs Lane, Coventry, West Midlands, CV4 9EE, United Kingdom 2020-05-26
Bigthomas Studio Limited 28 Cobb Close, Coventry, CV2 4GF, England 2020-05-26
Cocohoney Cosmetics Ltd 1 Honiton Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV2 3EF, United Kingdom 2020-05-26
Swanky Rose Ltd 63 Dawes Close, Coventry, CV2 4LL, England 2020-05-26
Adm Corporations Limited 200 Anglian Way, Coventry, CV3 1PS, England 2020-05-26
Lieu Media Ltd 46 Tanners Lane, Coventry, CV4 9UB, England 2020-05-26
K S Tv Repairs & Electronics Limited 55-57 Clay Lane, Coventry, West Midlands, CV2 4LS, England 2020-05-26
Novelux Ltd 11 Cargill Close, Longford, Coventry, CV6 6AJ, England 2020-05-26
Ree Ree Cards and Comics Ltd 14 Kingston Road, Coventry, CV5 6LN, England 2020-05-26
Momma Care Ltd 36 Pridmore Road, Coventry, CV6 5PF, England 2020-05-26
Duggra Inc. Ltd 39 Swifts Corner, Coventry, West Midlands, CV3 4AG, United Kingdom 2020-05-26
Pls Sanneh Ltd 41 Camden Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV2 4PZ, United Kingdom 2020-05-26
Genco Uk Lgu Ltd 5 Radford Circle, Coventry, CV6 1LL, United Kingdom 2020-05-26
Dkmaxj Limited 81 Rollason Road, Coventry, CV6 4AP, England 2020-05-26
Raj Cargo Ltd 95 Clovelly Road, Coventry, CV2 3GX, England 2020-05-26
Onco Ltd 98 Meadfoot Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV3 3DT, England 2020-05-26
Antler Tree Ltd 147 Hearsall Lane, Coventry, CV5 6HG, England 2020-05-26
Miha Solutions Ltd 4 Nethermill Road, Coventry, CV6 1LQ, United Kingdom 2020-05-26
Robiev Courier Ltd 11 Northfield Road, Coventry, CV1 2BS, England 2020-05-26
Cheeky Monkey Adventures Limited 18/20 Purefoy Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV3 5GL, United Kingdom 2020-05-26
Synergy Properties Investment Limited 24 Constance Close, Coventry, CV3 1LN, England 2020-05-26
D.young Transport Ltd 57 Conifer Paddock, Coventry, CV3 2RE, England 2020-05-26
The Soap Shed Ltd 95 Michaelmas Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV3 6HF, United Kingdom 2020-05-26
Property Matters Warwickshire Ltd 6 Wyken Grange Road, Coventry, CV2 3BS, England 2020-05-26
Jonyscars Limited 123 Queen Marys Road, Coventry, United Kingdom, CV6 5LR, England 2020-05-26
Domexus Ltd 135 Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry, CV1 4FW, United Kingdom 2020-05-26
Turnkey Engineering Solutions Ltd 105 Prince of Wales Road, Coventry, CV5 8GS, England 2020-05-26
Black Pear Consultancy Ltd Black Pear Consultancy Ltd, Union House, 111 New Union Street, Coventry, West Mids, CV1 2NT, United Kingdom 2020-05-26
Partner Parts Ltd 131 The Boxhill, Coventry, CV3 1EU, England 2020-05-22
Ferusluci Ltd 19 Somerset Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 4EG, United Kingdom 2020-05-22
Raluca Trans Limited 2 Culworth Court, Coventry, CV6 5JY, England 2020-05-22
Speed Parcel Logistics Ltd 42 Hipswell Highway, Coventry, CV2 5FG, England 2020-05-22
Freedom Wills & Estate Planning Limited 10th Floor Eaton House, 1 Eaton Road, Coventry, CV1 2FJ, United Kingdom 2020-05-22
Willow & Rose Interiors Limited 73 Berkeley Road South, Coventry, CV5 6EF, England 2020-05-22
Excellus Solutions Ltd Unit 16 Charter Avenue Industrial Estate, Curriers Close, Coventry, CV4 8AW, England 2020-05-22
Devil's Dog Limited 5 Argosy Court, Scimitar Way, Whitley Business Park, Coventry, Warwickshire, CV3 4GA, United Kingdom 2020-05-22
Ro's Soap Flowers Ltd 2 Parry Road, Coventry, CV2 3LZ, England 2020-05-21
Nini Construction Ltd 27 Humber Road, Coventry, CV3 1AT, England 2020-05-21
Ddga Solutions Ltd 29 Uxbridge Avenue, Coventry, CV3 1HH, England 2020-05-21
Job Consultancy and Securities Uk Limited 104 Princess Street, Coventry, CV6 5BU, England 2020-05-21
Gatelink Properties Limited 6 Jim Forrest Close, Coventry, CV3 2LE, England 2020-05-21
Perfectoo Ltd 296 Hipswell Highway, Coventry, CV2 5FS, England 2020-05-21
Urban Beast Ltd 67 St. Nicholas Street, Coventry, CV1 4BN, England 2020-05-21
Entheogen Capital Limited Luckmans 1110 Elliott Court, Herald Avenue, Coventry, CV5 6UB, United Kingdom 2020-05-21
Stoney Cars Limited Unit 3 Stoney Court Hotchkiss Way, Binley Industrial Estate, Coventry, CV3 2RL, England 2020-05-21
Psilocybin Ltd Luckmans, 1110 Elliott Court, Coventry, CV5 6UB, United Kingdom 2020-05-20
Outlaw Games Ltd 31 Deans Way, Coventry, CV7 9HD, England 2020-05-20