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This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

COVENTRY · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date Status
Tremglobal Limited 1 Generator Hall, Electric Wharf, Edge Cca, Coventry, CV1 4JA 2020-12-15 Active
Warwick Housing Limited Hampton Hall, 157 Warwick Road, Coventry, CV3 6AU 2020-12-15 Active
Adajames Services Ltd 96 Queen Margarets Road, Canley, Coventry, West Midlands, CV4 8FW 2020-12-14 Active
Africa House Uk Enterprise Limited 5 Whitefriars Street, Coventry, CV1 2DS 2020-12-14 Active
Africacomingup Ltd 67 Walsall Street, Coventry, CV4 8EZ 2020-12-14 Active
Amicale Healthcare Ltd Unit 2a & 3 Templar Business Park, Torrington Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry, West Midlands, CV4 9AP 2020-12-14 Active
Changamiri Coffee Company Ltd 17 Ibex Close, Binley, Coventry, CV3 2FB 2020-12-14 Active
Crazyeggs Deal Limited 10 Perrins Gardens, Coventry, CV6 7PS 2020-12-14 Active
Door and Window Meker Metal Limited 262 Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry, CV1 4FP 2020-12-14 Active
Electrical and Environmental Limited 23 Wyke Road, Coventry, CV2 3DT 2020-12-14 Active
George'S Builders Bros Ltd 93 Elkington Street, Coventry, CV6 7GJ 2020-12-14 Active
George'S Builders Brothers Ltd 124 Tallants Road, Coventry, CV6 7FQ 2020-12-14 Active
Mam Enterprise Limited 13 Alfred Road, Coventry, CV1 5BN 2020-12-14 Active
Mills E Commerce Ltd 6 Stepping Stones Road, Coventry, CV5 8JU 2020-12-14 Active
Ministry of Chai Ltd 59 Corporation Street, Coventry, CV1 1GX 2020-12-14 Active
Pape&rohey Cleaning Services Ltd 255 Old Church Road, Coventry, CV6 7DZ 2020-12-14 Active
Sitting Rooms of Culture C.i.c. 10 Berkeley Road North, Coventry, CV5 6NX 2020-12-14 Active
Tarus-Leu Ltd 36 Batsford Road, Coventry, CV6 1AP 2020-12-14 Active
Thomas Phlebotomy Ltd Flat 11 10 Coney Lane, Longford, Coventry, CV6 6EF 2020-12-14 Active
Balsall Plumbing and Heating Ltd 237 Kenilworth Road, Balsall Common, Coventry, CV7 7EL 2020-12-11 Active
City Family Church Limited 18 Manderley Close, Coventry, CV5 7NR 2020-12-11 Active
A & J Electrical Distribuition Ltd 20 Leamington Road, Coventry, CV3 6GG 2020-12-10 Active
Bahdiallo Limited 55 St. Marys Priory Road, Coventry, CV6 4FA 2020-12-10 Active
Bosh Global Ltd Apartment 4, 14 Red Lane, Coventry, CV6 5EP 2020-12-10 Active
Elmstone Properties Limited Woodlands Stonehouse Lane, Arley, Coventry, CV7 8GB 2020-12-10 Active
Gemini Building Ltd 55 Wimborne Drive, Coventry, CV2 2HZ 2020-12-10 Active
Vik Ro Logistic Ltd 83 Bolingbroke Road, Coventry, CV3 1AP 2020-12-10 Active
A.a. Seafoods Uk Ltd Unit 25 Building 9, Humber Avenue, Coventry, CV3 1JL 2020-12-09 Active
Ack Proprty and Housing Group Limited 97 Wheelwright Lane, Coventry, CV6 4HN 2020-12-09 Active
Betalife Essentials Limited 51 Hillmorton Road, Coventry, CV2 1FT 2020-12-09 Active
Demuller Clothing Ltd 5 George Park Close, Coventry, CV2 1TS 2020-12-09 Active
Doru&geta Transport Ltd 5 Villiers Street, Coventry, CV2 4HQ 2020-12-09 Active
Jbmadeja Corp Ltd 143 Woodway Lane, Coventry, CV2 2EH 2020-12-09 Active
Metrology, Quality and Inspection Services Ltd 24 Braunton Avenue, Coventry, CV2 1TA 2020-12-09 Active
Palm Autos Ltd 21 Deedmore Road, Coventry, CV2 1EH 2020-12-09 Active
Ppv Trading Ltd 135 Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry, CV1 4FW 2020-12-09 Active
Rebaz Koy Ltd 128 Station Street East, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 5FN 2020-12-09 Active
Rykan Technologies Limited Madeline Hart Union House, 111 New Union Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 2NT 2020-12-09 Active
Sellem Coffee Ltd 8 Adelaide Street, Coventry, CV1 5GT 2020-12-09 Active
Stylabs Ltd Apartment 3, 18 Red Lane, Coventry, CV6 5EP 2020-12-09 Active
Alexandermcroberts Ltd Flat 40 The Gateway, Adelaide Street, Coventry, CV1 5TU 2020-12-08 Active
Ar Uk Property Ltd 68 Lancaster Gardens, Coventry, CV6 6HF 2020-12-08 Active
Arun Spices (europe) Ltd 193-195 Longfellow Road, Coventry, CV2 5HL 2020-12-08 Active
Family Focus Ltd 47 Poplar Road, Coventry, CV5 6FX 2020-12-08 Active
Grigo Mary Ltd 25a Avon Street, Coventry, CV2 3GJ 2020-12-08 Active
Rodica Deep Clean Ltd 1 North Street, Coventry, CV2 3FP 2020-12-08 Active
Ash Travels Ltd 17 Linwood Drive, Coventry, CV2 2LZ 2020-12-07 Active
Euniecare Limited 36 Dickens Road, Coventry, CV6 2JT 2020-12-07 Active
Gdt Medical Ltd 40 Beckbury Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV2 2DY 2020-12-07 Active
Munros Electrical Contractors Ltd 97 Guardhouse Road, Coventry, CV6 3DU 2020-12-07 Active
Myspotlite Ltd 46 Macaulay Road, Coventry, CV2 5FB 2020-12-07 Active
Opulent Aesthetics Uk Limited 8a Jobs Lane, Coventry, CV4 9EE 2020-12-07 Active
Raul Int Transport Ltd 5 Sunbeam Way, Coventry, CV3 1PG 2020-12-07 Active
Scifs Holdings Limited 55 Earlsdon Avenue South, Coventry, CV5 6DR 2020-12-07 Active
Supply Chain & Co-Ordination Planning Limited 101 Sherbourne Crescent, Coventry, CV5 8LG 2020-12-07 Active
Truckd Ltd Flat 39 George Poole House, Windsor Street, Coventry, CV1 3HJ 2020-12-07 Active
Zyisha’s Plumbing Ltd 2 The Farmstead, Coventry, West Midlands, CV3 1NW 2020-12-07 Active
Adilan Language Services Ltd 70 Empire Road, Coventry, CV4 9LX 2020-12-06 Active
Alex Ucv Limited 24 Ivor Road, Coventry, CV6 7AG 2020-12-06 Active
Arcreation Event Ltd Flat Above, 15 Red Lane, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 5EE 2020-12-06 Active
Dynamic Car Wash Ltd 268 Swan Lane, Coventry, CV2 4GG 2020-12-06 Active
Foxwood Studios Ltd 99 Bridgeacre Gardens, Coventry, CV3 2NR 2020-12-06 Active
Hassan Uk Trading Ltd 3 Marina Close, Coventry, CV4 8BA 2020-12-06 Active
Jbmn Resource Ltd 20 Haselbech Road, Binley, Coventry, CV3 2HT 2020-12-06 Active
Kiwi Windows Limited Kiwi Windows, Unit 5-6 Henley Road, Henley Industrial Park, Coventry, West Midlands, CV2 1ST 2020-12-06 Active
Kkbm Ltd The Spires, 45 Second Avenue, Coventry, CV3 1HP 2020-12-06 Active
Mannys Transport Limited 4 Daimler Road, Coventry, CV6 3GD 2020-12-06 Active
Paul Mugabo Ltd 90 The Barley Lea, Coventry, CV3 1DY 2020-12-06 Active
Raz9 Ltd 4 Lynmouth Road, Coventry, CV2 1AN 2020-12-06 Active
Smart Courier Logistics Limited 25 St. Thomas Road, Coventry, CV6 7AS 2020-12-06 Active
Taxpert Consultancy Limited 128 Batsford Road, Coventry, CV6 1AU 2020-12-06 Active
Tipping Point Wellness Ltd 19 Montalt Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV3 5LT 2020-12-06 Active
Togger.uk Ltd Bolberry Cottage, Back Lane, Coventry, West Midlands, CV7 7LD 2020-12-06 Active
Vehicle Repair Services Coventry Limited 254 Humber Road, Yard Post Box, Coventry, CV3 1BH 2020-12-06 Active
Warriors World Limited 198 Anglian Way, Coventry, CV3 1PS 2020-12-06 Active
Bogdan Hristu Limited 38 Freehold Street, Coventry, CV1 5BH 2020-12-04 Active
Cai Food Limited The Fernleaf, 74-76 Walsgrave Road, Coventry, CV2 4ED 2020-12-04 Active
Canvas Aesthetics Limited 15 Cryfield Heights, Coventry, CV4 7LA 2020-12-04 Active
Daniel Dodds Consulting Ltd 10 Brentwood Avenue, Coventry, CV3 6FN 2020-12-04 Active
Lollypop Media Ltd 49 Limbrick Avenue, Coventry, CV4 9EX 2020-12-04 Active
Bil Estates Limited 20 Poundgate Lane, Coventry, CV4 8HJ 2020-12-03 Active
Bisskart Ltd 41 Middleborough Road, Coventry, CV1 4DG 2020-12-03 Active
F&h Carwash Limited 124 Coventry Road, Exhall, Coventry, CV7 9EU 2020-12-03 Active
Kennedy Estates Agent Ltd 15 Dairy Road, Coventry, CV2 4PB 2020-12-03 Active
Kg Farm Management Limited Unit 3 & 4 Coventry Innovation Village, Cheetah Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 2TL 2020-12-03 Active
Mann Sellers Ltd 7 Leighton Close, Coventry, West Midlands, CV4 7AE 2020-12-03 Active
Our House Gym Equipment Ltd 49 Thistley Field, Coventry, CV6 2DD 2020-12-03 Active
Unnamed It Solutions Ltd 154 Villiers Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV2 4HL 2020-12-03 Active
Warwick Academy Centre Ltd 13 Penruddock Dr, Coventry, CV4 8AR 2020-12-03 Active
Baller Burgers Ltd 41 Shakespeare Street, Coventry, CV2 4JY 2020-12-02 Active
Basic Fashion Ltd 344a Foleshill Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 5AJ 2020-12-02 Active
Bravocado Ltd Oak Mount Windmill Lane, Balsall Common, Coventry, CV7 7GY 2020-12-02 Active
Cash N Garry Sweets N Treats Limited 20 High View Drive, Ash Green, Coventry, CV7 9BE 2020-12-02 Active
Consilium Consultancy Services Ltd 18 Park Road, Coventry, CV1 2LD 2020-12-02 Active
Eeth Ltd 99 Blackwell Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 5JU 2020-12-02 Active
Humes Transport Solutions Ltd 141 The Boxhill, Coventry, CV3 1EU 2020-12-02 Active
Kirat International Limited Hm Legal, First Floor 434, Foleshill Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 5JX 2020-12-02 Active
Marmalade & Sons Limited 33 Salisbury Avenue, Styvechale, Coventry, CV3 5DA 2020-12-02 Active
Nainson Financial Services Limited 121 Wyley Road, Coventry, CV6 1NX 2020-12-02 Active
Nuage Properties Limited 154 Leamington Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV3 6JY 2020-12-02 Active