United Kingdom Companies

Source:Companies House, United Kingdom

This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
A&u General Limited 20-22 Bridge End, Leeds, LS1 4DJ, United Kingdom 2020-02-28
Brecks Construction Ltd Brecks Lodge Moor Lane, Sherburn In Elmet, Leeds, LS25 6DZ, England 2020-02-28
Consolator Limited 105 Broadlea Road, Leeds, LS13 2SA, England 2020-02-28
Fairchild Safeguarding Limited P.O.Box 416445, C/o Watson Morgan Suite 1 Top Floor River House, Wharfebank Business Centre, Leeds, Lds, LS21 3JP, United Kingdom 2020-02-28
Gbmachinery Ltd Flat 61 Perseverance Mill, Cross Chancellor Street, Leeds, LS6 2TL, England 2020-02-28
Igbo Union Yorkshire Cic Meanwood Community Centre Stainbeck Avenue, Meanwood, Leeds, LS7 2QU, United Kingdom 2020-02-28
K B Store (leeds) Limited 31c Harehills Road, Leeds, LS8 5HR, England 2020-02-28
Kuroko Ltd 20 Iveson Road, Leeds, LS16 6NN, England 2020-02-28
Leo Boat Company Weightmans LLP, Westgate Point, Westgate, Leeds, LS1 2AX 2020-02-28
Look Mum Records Ltd 18 Haddon Place, Leeds, LS4 2JU, England 2020-02-28
Safer Catering Ltd 8 Borrough View, Leeds, LS8 1LS, England 2020-02-28
Uk Pistachio and Nuts Limited 24 Carr Mills, Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, LS7 2DD, England 2020-02-28
Aberford Road Limited 2nd Floor, City Point, 29 King Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2HL, United Kingdom 2020-02-27
Consultancy Management Limited 235 Stanks Lane South, Leeds, LS14 5HZ, United Kingdom 2020-02-27
Executive Tax Ltd 16 Compton Row, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 6DL, England 2020-02-27
Jsj Cricket Supplies Limited 8 Manor Close, Micklefield, Leeds, Yorks, LS25 4EH, United Kingdom 2020-02-27
Nw Networks Ltd 1 Gerard Avenue, Morley, Leeds, LS27 9LZ, England 2020-02-27
Proelite Healthcare Limited 14 Holtdale Lawn, Leeds, LS16 7RP, England 2020-02-27
Sorsky Ltd 9 Gipton Wood Avenue, Leeds, LS8 2TA, England 2020-02-27
Stonebridge Training Ltd 55 Magnolia Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS14 6WQ, United Kingdom 2020-02-27
The Yoga House (leeds) Limited 3 Meynell Lane, Leeds, LS15 9BZ, England 2020-02-27
Unique Yorkshire Catering Ltd 4 Cobden Terrace, Farnley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 5LE, England 2020-02-27
Yorkshire Choice Awards Limited 8 Middlethorne Rise, Leeds, LS17 8SE, England 2020-02-27
Acer Garden Maintenance Ltd 35 Chestnut Avenue, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS15 8ED, United Kingdom 2020-02-26
All Works Yorkshire Ltd Scatcherd Works, Scatcherd Lane, Leeds, LS27 9BE, England 2020-02-26
Dontacosvieira Limited 4 Noster Grove, Leeds, LS11 8QG, England 2020-02-26
Earth Finance Ltd 88 Woodhouse Hill Road, Leeds, LS10 2EG, England 2020-02-26
European Foods Store Limited 55a Top Moor Side, Leeds, LS11 9LH, England 2020-02-26
Fr Properties Leeds Ltd 40 Gipton Wood Avenue, Leeds, LS8 2SZ, England 2020-02-26
Ground Control Leeds Ltd 45 Stonegate Road, Leeds, LS6 4HZ, England 2020-02-26
Gypsy Garden Ltd 30 Calverley Garth, Leeds, LS13 3LJ, England 2020-02-26
Jll Recruitment Solutions Ltd 10 Woodville Place, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5DA, England 2020-02-26
Lb Leeds Catering Ltd 180 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9HB, England 2020-02-26
Madame Mae Ltd 50 King George Avenue, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5NB, England 2020-02-26
Mix of Flavours Limited 39 Strathmore View, Leeds, LS9 6AZ, England 2020-02-26
Red Kite Industries Limited 53 Vesper Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS5 3NR, England 2020-02-26
Roots Produce Ltd 9 Beckside, Leeds, LS25 3DD, United Kingdom 2020-02-26
Thomas Alexander Consulting Limited 308 Stainbeck Road, Leeds, LS7 2LR, England 2020-02-26
Tissiman Properties Ltd 1 Pomfret Place, Garforth, Leeds, LS25 2NL, England 2020-02-26
Athena Medical Supplies Limited 5 Sheepscar Court, Northside Business Park, Leeds, LS7 2BB, United Kingdom 2020-02-25
Di Technologies Ltd 37 Primley Park Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS17 7JE, United Kingdom 2020-02-25
Do Automotive Leeds Limited 45 Wakefield Road, Swillington, Leeds, LS26 8DT, England 2020-02-25
Envisaged Design Limited 30 Alexander Avenue, Leeds, LS15 0LU, United Kingdom 2020-02-25
Gg Goods Ltd 6 Compton Row, Leeds, LS9 6DL, England 2020-02-25
Global Outsourcing Network Ltd 11 Cliffe Park Way, Bruntcliffe Road, Leeds, LS27 0RY, United Kingdom 2020-02-25
Leeds Aerial Arts Limited 539 King Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS17 5ER, United Kingdom 2020-02-25
Nova Management Services Limited 24 Cricketers Green, Yeadon, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS19 7YS, United Kingdom 2020-02-25
Precious Pooch Daycare Ltd 64 Holmwood Avenue, Leeds, LS6 4NJ, England 2020-02-25
Pro-actuation Services Ltd 15 Smalewell Green, Pudsey, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS28 8QN, England 2020-02-25
Rsl Automotive Ltd Rear of 394, Dewsbury Road, Leeds, LS11 7JX, England 2020-02-25
Southerns Holdings Limited The Green Sand Foundry, 99 Water Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 5QN, United Kingdom 2020-02-25
Theatrestate Ltd Clay: Centre for Live Art Yorkshire, Regent Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7QA, United Kingdom 2020-02-25
Thrive Project Management Limited 4 Barley Walk, South Milford, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 5GF, United Kingdom 2020-02-25
Twang Tuition Limited 11 Oaksfield, Methley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS26 9AE, England 2020-02-25
Aldar Cafe Limited 34 Chander House, 34 Regent Street, Leeds, LS2 7QN, United Kingdom 2020-02-24
Arion Builders Limited 41 Compton Row, Leeds, LS9 6DL, England 2020-02-24
Binna's Touch Limited 17 Parkside Drive, Seacroft, Leeds, LS14 6FP, England 2020-02-24
Camarad Care Limited 17 Meanwood Valley Walk, Leeds, LS7 2SN, England 2020-02-24
Competitions 4 All Limited 173 Middleton Park Grove, Leeds, Eng, LS10 4BN, England 2020-02-24
Design Wax Ltd 7 Stainburn Avenue, Leeds, LS17 6PQ, England 2020-02-24
Electricwatergas Ltd 902 Scotthall Road, Moortown, Leeds, LS176JZ, United Kingdom 2020-02-24
Frankly Delicious Ltd 21 Echo Central, Cross Green Lane, Leeds, LS9 8FG, England 2020-02-24
Fresh Leeds Community Radio C.i.c. 47 Carlton Close, Leeds, LS7 1HJ, England 2020-02-24
Hickman Empire Ltd Manor House Farm Great North Road, Micklefield, Leeds, LS25 4AG, England 2020-02-24
K.j.m Civils Ltd 12 Lingwell Crescent, Leeds, LS10 3SZ, England 2020-02-24
Maiden Catering Ltd 16 Lidgett Park Grove, Leeds, LS8 1HW, England 2020-02-24
Montorio Limited 61 Queens Road, Leeds, LS6 1HY, England 2020-02-24
Pih Design Limited 9 Ayresome Terrace, Leeds, LS8 1BJ, United Kingdom 2020-02-24
Pmc Property Consultants Limited 6 Hodgson Avenue, Leeds, LS17 8PQ, England 2020-02-24
Psw Consultancy Services Ltd 21 Gainsborough Drive, Adel, Leeds, LS16 7PF, United Kingdom 2020-02-24
Roadbots Ltd 72 Watergate, Methley, Leeds, LS26 9DF, England 2020-02-24
Sequential Holdings Ltd G3 102 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS3 1JA, England 2020-02-24
Site Data Specialists Limited 9 First Avenue, Bardsey, Leeds, LS17 9BE, England 2020-02-24
Tidy R Us Ltd 147 Queensway, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7PL, England 2020-02-24
Tk's Pizzeria Ltd Tk's Pizzeria Ltd 16 Cross Hills, Kippax, Leeds, LS25 7JP, United Kingdom 2020-02-24
Travellas Ltd 96 Moseley Wood Gardens, Leeds, LS16 7HU, England 2020-02-24
Baccu Sales and Marketing Ltd 470 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS4 2QD, England 2020-02-21
C & J Family Investments Limited Bhp Chartered Accountants 1st Floor, Mayesbrook House, Lawnswood Business Park, Redvers Close, Leeds, LS16 6QY, England 2020-02-21
Citrus Funk Ltd 128 Latchmere Drive, Leeds, LS16 5DY, England 2020-02-21
Dbs Tele Limited 18 Dale Park Rise, Leeds, LS16 7PP, England 2020-02-21
Family Protect Ltd Prospect Business Centre, 4, Fountain House, South Parade, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5QX, United Kingdom 2020-02-21
L.a Fascia's, Soffits & Gutters Limited 37 Monkswood Hill, Leeds, LS14 1DR, England 2020-02-21
Malej & Velkej Ltd 76 St. Wilfrids Avenue, Leeds, LS8 3PL, England 2020-02-21
Miruna Healthcare Ltd 16 Torr Hill, Leeds, LS9 6JS, England 2020-02-21
Robinson Embury Management Limited 27 Hawthorn Grove, Leeds, LS13 1NH, England 2020-02-21
Stardom Management Ltd 7, Wedgewood Court, North Park Avenue, Leeds, LS8 1DD, United Kingdom 2020-02-21
Woody's Sandwich Shop Ltd 39 Sunnyview Avenue, Leeds, LS11 8QY, England 2020-02-21
Bprep Limited Phase 3 Unit 1i Brooklands Court Business Centre, Tunstall Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 5HL, United Kingdom 2020-02-20
Burley Banksy Art Limited 15 Talbot Terrace, Leeds, LS4 2RN, England 2020-02-20
Duffields Technical Services Ltd 12 Field End, Leeds, LS15 0QN, England 2020-02-20
Finding The Light Within Limited 4 Iveson Crescent, Leeds, LS16 6NU, England 2020-02-20
Instil Consulting Limited 1 Chestnut Way, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS16 7TN, United Kingdom 2020-02-20
Inter Exter Development Ltd 24 Wood Moor Court, Sandmoor Avenue, Leeds, LS17 7DR, England 2020-02-20
Jalk Limited 34 Station Road, Crossgates, Leeds, LS15 7JY, England 2020-02-20
Keech Music Ltd 31 Burley Lodge Road, Leeds, LS6 1QP, England 2020-02-20
Mellinium Investments C/o Schofield Sweeney, 76 Wellington Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2AY 2020-02-20
Xix Ltd Lettings & Sales, 26, Whitecote Hill, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS13 2HU, United Kingdom 2020-02-20
Barakat Ala Barakat Limited 1 Woodlands View, Scarcroft, Leeds, LS14 3HW, England 2020-02-19
Bengal Cottage Micklefield Ltd Bengal Cottage, Great North Road, Leeds, LS25 4AQ, England 2020-02-19
Bulls Electrical Ltd 17 Ecclesburn Avenue, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 9BZ, United Kingdom 2020-02-19