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Source:Companies House, United Kingdom

This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
BAR 1901 LIMITED Turkey Cafe, Granby Street, Leicester, LE1 1DE, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
BUBKINS LIMITED Unit 1, Hayre Building, Ulverscroft Road, Leicester, LE4 6BY, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
C2S INVESTMENTS LTD Studio 1, Morledge Street, Leicester, LE1 1TA, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
CF (BOLTON) LIMITED 49 Cromer Street, Leicester, LE2 1PG, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
DBR HOLDINGS LIMITED 11 Belvoir Close, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4SG, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
DEFINED RECRUITMENT LIMITED 31 Wigley Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE5 1JH, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
FASHION FLOW LEIC LTD Gas Street, Back of Tw Kempton Street, Leicester, England, LE1 3TR, England 2018-10-31
HYPESCOUT LTD 37 Linden Drive, Leicester, LE5 6AJ, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
ISI PROPERTIES LIMITED 54 Bridge Road, Leicester, LE5 3LA, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
JASMO HOLDINGS LIMITED Ali House Ali House, Unit 1 Frisby Road, Leicester, LE5 0DY, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
MORGAN DALBY LTD 24 Cumberwell Drive, Enderby, Leicester, LE19 2LB, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
MY UNI PLAN LTD 18 Uplands Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4NS, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
NIMKII LTD 42 Huncote Road, Stoney Stanton, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE9 4DH, England 2018-10-31
NOTROPIA LTD 6 Sutton Road, Leicester, LE2 6FL, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
NUTRITECH LIMITED 10a Knighton Road, Leicester, LE2 3HH, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
PW GLOBAL LIMITED The Old Mill, 9 Soar Lane, Leicester, LE3 5DE, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
SANGHA LOGISTICS & HAULAGE LIMITED 81 London Road, Leicester, LE2 0PF, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
TNTLEICESTER LTD 77 Tnt (the Shop), Southfields Drive, Leicester, LE2 6QT, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
WILSHER DEVELOPMENTS LTD 94 New Walk, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 7EA, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
YOUR BUILDERS (LEICESTER) LIMITED 22 Jeremy Close, Leicester, LE4 5DX, United Kingdom 2018-10-31
28 GOAT STREET LIMITED 15 Bannister Road, Leicester, LE3 2XS, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
A N H CONSULTANTS LTD 29 Columbine Road, Hamilton, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE5 1UG, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
ABDUL REMAN & SONS LTD 56 Grove Road, Leicester, LE5 3HG, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
AKO PHARM LTD 12 Royce Close, Braunstone, Leicester, LE3 3UF, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
CAREER CAPITAL LIMITED 4 Mickleton Drive, Evington, Leicester, LE5 6GD, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
DOGGYKNOSE LTD 5 Hertford Close, Syston, Leicester, LE7 2FA, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
EDSB FIRE COMPLIANCE LIMITED Suite 2, Rosehill 165 Lutterworth Road, Blaby, Leicester, LE8 4DY, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
FLORAZ LTD 24 Lavender Road, Leicester, LE3 1AL, England 2018-10-30
GNP PROPERTIES LTD 18 Hylion Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 6GQ, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
INTELLIGENT FOOD AND BEVERAGE LTD 55 Wavertree Drive, Leicester, LE4 7NY, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
IORDAN TRANS LIMITED 44a Sage Road, Leicester, LE2 7ES, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
J & P REAL ESTATES LTD 18 Coltsfoot Road, Hamilton, Leicester, LE5 1RZ, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
JT CORP LTD 61 Gaul Street, Leicester, LE3 0AW, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
K7 ESTATES LTD 109 Coleman Road, Leicester, LE5 4LE, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
LEARNFIELD LTD 14 Belvoir Street, Leicester, LE1 6AP, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
LIVIU TRANSPORT LIMTED LTD 308 Western Road, Leicester, United Kingdom, LE3 0EB, England 2018-10-30
PARIMALA ENGINEERING PVT LTD Bede Hall 51 Western Boulevard, Co-01, Leicester, LE2 7EQ, England 2018-10-30
PEEL & STONE LIMITED Third Floor, Two Colton Square, Leicester, LE1 1QH, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
R & I LOGISTICS LTD Unit 1d Uppingham Road, Billesdon, Leicester, LE7 9FN, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
RKG TRADING LTD Sharman Fielding House The Oval, 57 New Walk, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 7EA, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
RVISRAM UK LTD 27 High View Close, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 9LJ, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
SCANTRONICS UK LIMITED 167 London Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 1EG, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
SHAKESPEARE CARE AND TRAVEL LIMITED 12 Blake Court, Enderby, Leicester, LE19 4QA, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
SHINY HOUSE LIMITED 11 Swinford Avenue, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 9RW, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
SIMON HARRISON COMPUTER SERVICES LTD 37 Alyssum Way, Narborough, Leicester, LE19 3WP, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
TREND TRACKER LIMITED First Floor The Old Chapel, 9 Kempson Road, Leicester, LE2 8AN, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
UNICORN DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED 50 Woodgate, Leicester, LE3 5GF, United Kingdom 2018-10-30
AARIHANT LTD 17 Homestead Houses Sharnford Road, Sapcote, Leicester, LE9 4HZ, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
AGENTSEA LIMITED 86 Southfields Drive, Southfields Drive, Leicester, LE2 6QR, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
ALL APPAREL LIMITED 3 Guilford Road, Leicester, LE2 2RD, England 2018-10-29
AWAKEN GENESIS LTD 2a Pope Street, Leicester, LE2 6DX, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
BB SOLUTIONS LIMITED 16a Desford Road, Kirby Muxloe, Leicester, LE9 2BB, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
BESTWAY CLEANING (LEICESTER) LIMITED 13 Ivanhoe Street, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE3 9GX, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
CAFE GRILLZ LTD 7 Church Gate, Church Gate, Leicester, LE1 3AL, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
DE MONTFORT STREET DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED 13 De Montfort Street, Leicester, LE1 7GE, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
EA HAIR CARE LTD 46 Kiln Garth, Rothley, Leicester, LE7 7LZ, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
EAST MIDS MOTORS LIMITED 15a Selby Avenue, Leicester, LE5 1SS, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
ELEGANT FASHIONS LIMITED 50 Woodgate, Leicester, LE3 5GF, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
ELITE ASSIST 360 LTD 17 Sandringham Road, Glen Parva, Leicester, LE2 9UB, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
F.DEE LTD Apartment 10, 24 Onyx Crescent, Leicester, LE4 9AJ, England 2018-10-29
GOODFELLAS LEICESTER LIMITED 207 Kingsway, Leicester, LE3 2PP, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
GROENERGY LTD 4 De Montfort Mews, Leicester, LEI 7FW, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
KEY PLAN FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD 2 Linton Street, Leicester, LE5 5JA, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
LINKINTECH LTD 46 Fairfield Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4NE, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
LOGO FASHIONS LTD 246 Green Lane Road, Leicester, LE5 4PA, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
MAKHOSONKE LIMITED 35 Wright Close, Whetstone Park, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE8 6QZ, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
MITCHELL SMITH LIMITED 4 Achurch Close Achurch Close, Stoney Stanton, Leicester, LE9 4HB, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
MULTIPLE P COURIERS LIMITED 17 Woodbridge Road, Leicester, LE4 7RH, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
NATURES CANDY LTD 58 Thurnview Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE5 6HJ, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
PARAPURA LIMITED 10 Zetland Walk, Zetland Walk, Leicester, LE4 2NL, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
PG JOINERY LEICESTER LIMITED 5 Goldsmith Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE3 1PT, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
POSH LETTINGS LIMITED 2 St. Johns Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 2BL, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
R K LEICESTER LIMITED 27 Sykefield Avenue, Leicester, LE3 0LD, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
SANAA RAJABALI LTD 19 Strathern Road, Leicester, LE3 9QA, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
SHAWARMA PLACE LIMITED 213a Narborough Road, Leicester, LE3 2QR, United Kingdom 2018-10-29
UNION TRADING LEICESTER LTD Unit 37 Temple Building, Temple Road, Leicester, LE5 4JG, England 2018-10-29
A.A FASHION LIMITED 354 St Saviours Road, Leicester, LE5 4HU, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
ARD LETTINGS LTD 4 Shrewsbury Avenue, Leicester, LE2 6JN, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
ASH ( LOUGHBOROUGH ) LIMITED Mark J Rees LLP Granville Hall, Granville Road, Leicester, LE1 7RU, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
AXESS SOLUTIONS LTD 184 Forest House Lane, Leicester Forest East, Leicester, LE3 3PY, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
BRERETON BAILEY SOLUTIONS LTD 46 Kiln Garth, Rothley, Leicester, LE7 7LZ, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
CAREY AESTHETICS LTD 3 Columbus Lane, Earl Shilton, Leicester, LE9 7JR, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
DALE TEMPEST MEDIA LIMITED 21 New Walk, Leicester, LE1 6TE, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
DLS CLINIC LIMITED 37 The Nook, Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7AZ, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
G&E FREIGHT LTD 60 Kirti and Co, Hinckley Road, Leicester, LE3 0RB, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
HEADROCKA LTD 72 Heyworth Road, Leicester, LE3 2DB, England 2018-10-26
HESTIA BUILDINGS LTD 48 Boston Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 1AA, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
LEICESTER ASIAN DOCTORS SOCIETY Woodbank Main Street, Skeffington, Leicester, LE7 9YB, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
ORGANIC NEXUS LTD 94 Brompton Road, Hamilton, Leicester, LE5 1PQ, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
SWIS LAPOLLA INSTALLATIONS LIMITED Third Floor, 2 Colton Square, Leicester, LE1 1QH, United Kingdom 2018-10-26
VARRO CONSULTING LTD Windor House Troon Way Business Centre, Humberstone Lane, Leicester, LE4 9HA, England 2018-10-26
ZOVI LIMITED 38 Tennis Court Drive, Leicester, LE5 1AP, England 2018-10-26
BANI NEWS & OFF LICENCE LIMITED 8 Link Road, Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7BW, United Kingdom 2018-10-25
BARAN DINU TRANSPORT LIMITED 51 Peartree Close, Anstey, Leicester, United Kingdom, LE7 7TD, England 2018-10-25
BURTON PLANT HIRE & GROUNDWORKS LTD 250 Humberstone Road, Leicester, LE5 0EG, United Kingdom 2018-10-25
CASA ROMANIACA LEICS LTD 6-8 Hinckley Road, Leicester, LE3 0RA, United Kingdom 2018-10-25
DEFIANT SOLUTIONS LTD 11 Mallory Place, Leicester, LE5 0HS, United Kingdom 2018-10-25
DONCENINGA LTD 1 Evelyn Drive, Leicester, LE3 2BT, United Kingdom 2018-10-25
EKO WINDOW SYSTEMS LTD 79 Coleman Road, Leicester, LE5 4LE, United Kingdom 2018-10-25
JRB EVENTS LIMITED 62 Woodfield Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4HP, England 2018-10-25