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Source:Companies House, United Kingdom

This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
Ace Fashionwear Ltd Unit 40, Temple Road, Leicester, LE5 4JG, England 2020-02-18
Asak Ltd 7 Lyndon Drive, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5GA, England 2020-02-18
Cosmetology Hub Ltd 54 Cherrybrook Close, Leicester, LE4 1EH, England 2020-02-18
Golden Fox Group Limited 8 Bowling Green Street, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 6AT, United Kingdom 2020-02-18
Inflow Heating Services Ltd 15 Southernhay Avenue, Leicester, LE2 3TU, England 2020-02-18
Intaprops Limited 44 Cobden Street, Cobden Street Industrial Estate, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 2LB, England 2020-02-18
Myottpro Ltd 15 Marvin Close, Leicester, LE3 9HZ, England 2020-02-18
Taztako Ltd Flat 5 Granary Mews, Churchgate, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 3AN, England 2020-02-18
Ysal Limited 29 Aberdale Road, Leicester, LE2 6GD, England 2020-02-18
5sc Ltd 115 Martival, Leicester, LE5 0PJ, England 2020-02-17
Baroque Security Solutions Ltd 87 Forest Gate, Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7FJ, England 2020-02-17
De Joy Care Services Limited 8 Weatherburn Close, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE3 9SU, United Kingdom 2020-02-17
Dkbauto Ltd 6 Earlswood Road, Leicester, LE5 6JB, England 2020-02-17
Elite Electrical Services and Contractors Ltd 32 Russett Close, Barwell, Leicester, LE9 8HZ, England 2020-02-17
La ForÊt Cafe Ltd 11 King Street, Leicester, LE1 6RN, England 2020-02-17
March (estates) Limited 8 High View Close, Vantage Business Park, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 9LJ, United Kingdom 2020-02-17
Red Rose Lettings Ltd King Street 65 King Street 65, King Street 65, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 6RP, England 2020-02-17
Riverside Bridge Pub Co Ltd 11 Wren Close, Syston, Leicester, LE7 1ZS, England 2020-02-17
S3m Engineering Pvt Ltd Flat 8 Glenfield Road, Gimson Villas 119c, Leicester, LE3 6DP, England 2020-02-17
St Print Services Limited 40 Charles Street, Suite 402, Leicester, LE1 1FB, United Kingdom 2020-02-17
Tj's Burgers (leic) Ltd 122 London Road, T Js Burgers, Leicester, LE2 0QS, England 2020-02-17
Wireless Fibre Ltd The Cottage Stapleton Lane, Kirkby Mallory, Leicester, LE9 7QJ, England 2020-02-17
O&k General Trading Ltd Unit 1d Uppingham Road, Park Farm Business Park, Leicester, LE7 9FN, England 2020-02-15
Behappy Management Limited 13 Albion Street, The Needleworks, Leicester, LE1 6GF, England 2020-02-14
Danks Installations Ltd 34 Nursery Road, Leicester, LE5 2HQ, England 2020-02-14
Fintechsss Ltd 913 Melton Road, Thurmaston, Leicester, LE4 8EF, England 2020-02-14
Gold Panda Properties Ltd Phoenix Square - Workspace 21, Third Floor, 4 Midland Street, Leicester, LE1 1TG, United Kingdom 2020-02-14
Kinniya Limited 47 Braunstone, Leicester, LE3 5HL, United Kingdom 2020-02-14
Lng & Nth-stw Pharma Ltd 80 Osmaston Road, Leicester, LE5 5JG, England 2020-02-14
Nomis Cleaning Ltd 77 Bosworth Street, Leicester, LE3 5RB, England 2020-02-14
Notorious Games Ltd 24 Althorp Close, Leicester, LE2 8PZ, United Kingdom 2020-02-14
Precious Hope Ltd 26 Knowles Road, Leicester, LE3 6LU, England 2020-02-14
Rjj Developments Limited 22 Oaklands Avenue, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE9 7JX, United Kingdom 2020-02-14
Viva Lady Ltd 30 Dean Road, Leicester, LE4 6GN, England 2020-02-14
Amin Butchery Leics Ltd 34 Narborough Road, Leicester, LE3 0BQ, England 2020-02-13
Cakaholic Ltd 4 Strathmore Avenue, Leicester, LE4 7HA, England 2020-02-13
Capital Velocity Uk Ltd 3 Merus Court, Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1RJ, England 2020-02-13
Cbd Office Limited 42 Scalpay Close, Leicester, LE4 0QT, United Kingdom 2020-02-13
Drayfield Solutions Limited 169 Newton Road, Hinckley, Leicester, LE10 3DS, United Kingdom 2020-02-13
Elmsleigh Stores Ltd 276 Queens Road, Leicester, LE2 3FU, England 2020-02-13
Elysium Tech Ltd Maranatha 30, Quenby Street, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE5 0FB, England 2020-02-13
Final Shot Ltd 5c Palmerston Close, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicester, LE8 0JJ, United Kingdom 2020-02-13
Hooyo Ma'an Cic 1b Cropthorne Avenue, Leicester, LE5 4PZ, England 2020-02-13
Just Desserts & Cocktail Ltd 268 - 270 Catherine Street, Catherine Street, Leicester, LE4 6GD, England 2020-02-13
Kulba Trade Limited 33 Warwick Road, Broughton Astley, Leicester, LE9 6SA, England 2020-02-13
Mehta International Limited 32 Egerton Avenue, Leicester, LE4 0DL, England 2020-02-13
Octavian Dlv Ltd 11 Matts Close, Leicester, LE2 8SJ, England 2020-02-13
Punia Property Gb Limited 84 Shackerdale Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 6HS, United Kingdom 2020-02-13
Site Graft Maintenance Ltd 80 Windley Road, Leicester, LE2 6QX, England 2020-02-13
Smallsteps Group Ltd 62 Barkby Road, Leicester, LE4 9HL, England 2020-02-13
Sos Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd 196 Wigston Lane, Leicester, LE2 8DG, England 2020-02-13
Tt Transport Leicester Ltd 6 Cairns Close, Leicester, LE3 2TG, United Kingdom 2020-02-13
Active Biz Services Ltd 25 St. Nicholas Place, 2nd Floor, Leicester, LE1 4LD, England 2020-02-12
Anchor Plungar Ltd The Old School Room, The Annex, 346a Loughborough Road, Leicester, LE4 5PJ, England 2020-02-12
Baraka Translations & Services Ltd 80 Halstead Street, Leicester, LE5 3RD, England 2020-02-12
Bradgate Controls Ltd Unit 7 Harrison Court, 213 Harrison Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 6QN, United Kingdom 2020-02-12
Elliott Hall for Youth and Community C.i.c. Elliott Hall 14 Albion Street, South Wigston, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE18 4SA 2020-02-12
Flaveon Limited 1 Hollington Road, Leicester, LE5 5HT, England 2020-02-12
Hm Design Furniture Limited 18 Sulgrave Road, Leicester, LE5 0LA, England 2020-02-12
Laxmi Sri Ltd 7 Beechwood Close, Leicester, LE5 6SY, England 2020-02-12
Leicester Eyecare Limited 184 St. Saviours Road, Leicester, LE5 3SG, England 2020-02-12
Liberte International Limited 12 Snape Close, Leicester, LE5 1LY, England 2020-02-12
Ndr Electrical Leicester Ltd 40 Glendon Street, Leicester, LE4 6JR, England 2020-02-12
Thaqlain Limited 11 Willowherb Close, Leicester, LE2 4QG, United Kingdom 2020-02-12
Uni Off Licence Leics Ltd 39 Western Boulevard, Leicester, LE2 7HN, England 2020-02-12
Aar Wholesaling Limited 60 Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1FB, United Kingdom 2020-02-11
Aizel Cabs Ltd Flat 2, 36 Glenfield Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE3 6AQ, United Kingdom 2020-02-11
Birmingham Skills Academy Limited Orchard House Main Street, Countesthorpe, Leicester, LE8 5QX, United Kingdom 2020-02-11
Cleanclouduk Limited 20 Neville Road, Leicester, LE3 6DS, England 2020-02-11
Dhn Properties Limited 10 Downham Avenue, Leicester, LE4 0DH, England 2020-02-11
Eddys Web Design & Social Media Management Ltd 171 Aikman Avenue, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE3 9JJ, United Kingdom 2020-02-11
Fit Mum Transformation Ltd 52 Pytchley Close, Leicester, LE4 2PZ, England 2020-02-11
Hisan Investments Ltd 38 Evington Lane, Leicester, LE5 5PN, England 2020-02-11
Just Get It Delivered Ltd 117 Severn Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4FW, England 2020-02-11
Klr Service's & Trading Ltd 54 Welford Road, Leicester, LE2 7AA, England 2020-02-11
Mdb Projects Ltd 83 Watson Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 6SA, United Kingdom 2020-02-11
Sgss Services Uk Ltd 168 Wilberforce, Leicester, LE3 0DH, England 2020-02-11
Simplyedga Limited 99 Gallards Hill, Leicester, LE3 1TG, England 2020-02-11
Temsuk Ltd 29 Cordery Road, Evington, Leicester, LE5 6DB, England 2020-02-11
Ahct Limited 37 Darien Way, Braunstone, Leicester, LE3 3TT, England 2020-02-10
Alex More Logistics Limited 47 Wiltshire Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 0JU, United Kingdom 2020-02-10
Appeal Advice Ltd Flat 12 Kingfisher Avenue, Helena Roberts House, Leicester, LE5 3FS, England 2020-02-10
Astute Concepts Ltd 3 Wainwright Avenue, Hamilton, Leicester, LE5 1QW, England 2020-02-10
Atlantic Seafood Uk Ltd Apatment S16, 43 Grosvenor Gate, Leicester, LE5 0TL, England 2020-02-10
Best20 Company Ltd Unit 185, Bardolh Street East, Leicester, LE4 6EG, United Kingdom 2020-02-10
Chaka Ltd 37 Midway Road, Leicester, LE5 5TP, England 2020-02-10
Dsv Transport Ltd 89 Shackerdale Road, Leicester, LE2 6HT, England 2020-02-10
Homewise Developments Limited 15 Burns Street, Leicester, LE2 6DB, England 2020-02-10
Jftc Limited 12 Cross Hedge, Rothley, Leicester, LE7 7RR, England 2020-02-10
Kjcc Services Ltd 14 Byway Road, Leicester, LE5 5TF, England 2020-02-10
Lyfy Ltd 127b Stoughton Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4FS, England 2020-02-10
Maksons (leic) Ltd 59 Lunsford Road, Leicester, LE5 0HW, United Kingdom 2020-02-10
Orion Cladding Ltd 293 Saffron Lane, Leicester, LE2 6UE, United Kingdom 2020-02-10
Sandycare Limited 6 Cowdall Road, Leicester, LE3 1SE, England 2020-02-10
Smart.lee.dunn Limited 37 Royce Close, Braunstone, Leicester, LE3 3UF, England 2020-02-10
The Byron School Ltd 11 High Street, Fleckney, Leicester, LE8 8AJ, England 2020-02-10
Topfare Ltd 86 Nansen Road, Leicester, LE5 5NJ, England 2020-02-10
Ultrabandgold Limited 141 Uplands Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4NW, England 2020-02-10
Carnell and Carley Ltd 87 Princess Road East, Leicester, LE1 7DQ, England 2020-02-07
Malek Investments Ltd 2 Alfred Place, Leicester, LE1 1EB, England 2020-02-07