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This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
Tc Business Consultancy Ltd 14 Dyewood Close, Liverpool, L4 4AA, England 2020-01-22
Truvest Limited 605 7 Grayson, Liverpool, Liverpool, L1 8AF, United Kingdom 2020-01-22
Vips Szczepan Przybycien Ltd 11 Shellingford Road, Liverpool, L14 0PD, England 2020-01-22
Wallace Lifting Services Ltd 3 Boode Croft, Liverpool, L28 4EF, England 2020-01-22
Walton Breck Designs Ltd 272 Walton Breck Road, Liverpool, L4 0SZ, England 2020-01-22
Aj.m. Refurbishment Ltd 24 Bishopgate Street, Liverpool, L15 1EW, England 2020-01-21
Bralor Capital Limited 70 Childwall Lane, Liverpool, L14 6TY, England 2020-01-21
Carrow Limited 6 Alicia Walk, Liverpool, L10 4YX, England 2020-01-21
Cwik Transport Ltd 134c Alderwood Avenue, Liverpool, L24 7RF, England 2020-01-21
Def1ne Management Ltd 55 Granby Street, Liverpool, L8 2TU, England 2020-01-21
Dylanpizzeriasouthroad Limited 93 South Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 0LR, England 2020-01-21
Engineering Drives and Controls Limited 1 Mossley Hill Road, Liverpool, L18 4PT, England 2020-01-21
G Cunningham Contractors Ltd Roselea, Pilch Lane, Liverpool, L14 0JE, England 2020-01-21
Icandy Marketing Ltd Suite 271 Imperial Court, Exchange Street East, Liverpool, Merseyside, L2 3AB, England 2020-01-21
Light Arrow Ltd 120 Church Rd, Formby, Liverpool, Merseyside, L37 3NH, United Kingdom 2020-01-21
Magicmoonbeam Ltd 11 Bigdale Court, Liverpool, L33 6YN, United Kingdom 2020-01-21
Monmouthshire Broadband Limited Tempest Tempest Building, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, Select County, L2 2DT, United Kingdom 2020-01-21
Munchies Doners Ltd 137 Granby Street, Liverpool, L8 2UR, England 2020-01-21
Pizza.com Doners Ltd 410 Longmoor Lane, Liverpool, L9 9DB, England 2020-01-21
Yin and Yang Therapies Ltd 24 Albany Road, Old Swan, Liverpool, L13 3BJ, England 2020-01-21
76 Construction Ltd 34 Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 0NR, England 2020-01-20
Afro City Hair Ltd 61 Wordsworth Street, Liverpool, L8 0RP, England 2020-01-20
Audio Klass Limited 22 Ashdale Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L9 2AB, United Kingdom 2020-01-20
Black Crate Ltd 36 Woodend Avenue, Speke, Liverpool, L24 9NB, England 2020-01-20
Blue Door Properties (bdp) Limited 94 Childwall Valley Road, Liverpool, L16 4PF, England 2020-01-20
Bubblessparkley Ltd 96 Elmhurst Road, Liverpool, L25 2XX, United Kingdom 2020-01-20
Chrimson Scooter Projects Limited 6 Heydon Avenue, Kirkby, Liverpool, L32 4WB, England 2020-01-20
Cookiepepermint Ltd 1 Nimrod Street, Liverpool, L4 4DU, United Kingdom 2020-01-20
Edan Energy Ltd 266 South Ferry Quay, Liverpool, L3 4EJ, England 2020-01-20
Fazal Family Food Suppliers Ltd 83 Macdonald Street, Liverpool, L15 1EJ, England 2020-01-20
Felicity Rooms Ltd 79 Lodge Lane, Liverpool, L8 0QE, England 2020-01-20
First Choice Valeting Ltd 17 Lyndene Road, Liverpool, L25 1NG, England 2020-01-20
Gorgonear Ltd 1 Brock Street, Liverpool, L4 1XT, United Kingdom 2020-01-20
Gray Nw Ltd 6 Mossgate Road, Liverpool, L14 0JP, England 2020-01-20
Grove Park Group Ltd 10 Grove Park, Liverpool, L8 0TL, England 2020-01-20
Jfk Property Enterprise Ltd 39 Manvers Road, Liverpool, L16 3NP, England 2020-01-20
Koraki Cic 1 Ashdale Close, Formby, Liverpool, L37 2LG, England 2020-01-20
L41xd Limited 33 Whitehall Close, Liverpool, L4 1XD, England 2020-01-20
Laeraria Ltd 55 Yewtree Lane, West Derby, Liverpool, L12 9HQ, United Kingdom 2020-01-20
Northern Peaks Limited 24 Grenadier Drive, Liverpool, L12 4ZN, England 2020-01-20
Phantomwing Ltd 2 Lugard Road, Liverpool, L17 0BA, United Kingdom 2020-01-20
Piecycle Ltd 14 Beechwood Gardens, Liverpool, L19 0LN, England 2020-01-20
Primroseleave Ltd 5a Southern Road, Liverpool, L24 2SR, United Kingdom 2020-01-20
Ramp Technology Ltd 3 Erylmore Road, Liverpool, L18 4QS, England 2020-01-20
Real Taste Shanks Ltd 56 London Road, Liverpool, L3 5NF, England 2020-01-20
Samaleena Limited 1 Flat 2, Back Windsor View, Liverpool, L8 0WA, England 2020-01-20
Woochild Holistics Limited 15 Gorsey Cop Way, Liverpool, L25 2RU, England 2020-01-20
Akshar Liverpool Properties Ltd 25 Queens Drive, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 7NA, England 2020-01-17
Al-ameer Restaurant Ltd 99 Lodge Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L8 0QF, England 2020-01-17
Alharameen Limited 104 B Falkner Street, Liverpool, L8 7QA, United Kingdom 2020-01-17
Ana U Ltd 94 Robson Street, Everton, Liverpool, L5 1TH, England 2020-01-17
Bd Build and Design Limited 32 Browning Street, Bootle, Liverpool, L20 4HH, United Kingdom 2020-01-17
Blooming Flower Shop Designer Florist Ltd 181 Park Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L8 6SE, United Kingdom 2020-01-17
Blossomwillow Ltd 50 Whitehaven Road, Liverpool, L5 0BB, United Kingdom 2020-01-17
Clickselfie Ltd 89 Barnham Drive, Liverpool, Merseyside, L16 5ER, United Kingdom 2020-01-17
Competitive Services Ltd 41 Mount Pleasant, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 5PL, England 2020-01-17
Dr Health Nutrition Ltd 10 Gilmartin Grove, Liverpool, L6 1EG, England 2020-01-17
Elsau Ltd 61 Greenway Road, Speke, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24 7RY, United Kingdom 2020-01-17
Everest Bbq Ltd 41 Mill Lane, West Derby, Liverpool, L12 7HZ, England 2020-01-17
Krystal Csg Uk Ltd 37 Moorcroft Road, Liverpool, L18 9UQ, England 2020-01-17
Magicfab Ltd. 8b St. Bride Street, Liverpool, L8 7PL, England 2020-01-17
Megastore Ltd 40 Luxmore Road, Liverpool, L4 5TQ, England 2020-01-17
Mersey Road Logistics Limited 1 Marlcroft Drive, Aigburth, Liverpool, L17 6ER, England 2020-01-17
Midnightgames Ltd 25 Ambleside Road, Allerton, Liverpool, L18 9XT, England 2020-01-17
Monty and Co Apparel Limited 20 Nunsford Close, Liverpool, L21 0JW, England 2020-01-17
Pacific Developments Nw Limited 2 Moss Street, Low Hill, Liverpool, L6 1HF, England 2020-01-17
Pepe Baloyi Limited 17 Genista Close, Liverpool, Merseyside, L9 1JY, United Kingdom 2020-01-17
Phoenix Ingredients Ltd 105 Hebden Road, Liverpool, L11 9AN, England 2020-01-17
Sarpolo (liverpool) Pizza Ltd 68 Lower Breck Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L6 4BZ, England 2020-01-17
Spectrum Pm Limited 57 Moor Lane, Crosby, Liverpool, L23 2SG, England 2020-01-17
The Tinned Fish Market Ltd 413, 15 Hatton Garden, Liverpool, L3 2HB, United Kingdom 2020-01-17
V & T Catering Ltd 58 City Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L4 5TE, England 2020-01-17
Vahid Pasalar Transport Ltd 40 Gwent Street, Liverpool, L8 8AL, England 2020-01-17
Velbathendrix Ltd 37 Kingsway, Liverpool, L35 5BG, United Kingdom 2020-01-17
Affordable Cnc Limited S7 Faraday Road, Liverpool, L33 7UT, United Kingdom 2020-01-16
Buy T Shirts Direct Ltd 5 Downfield Close, Liverpool, Merseyside, L12 2BN, United Kingdom 2020-01-16
Cashflow Finance for Business Uk Limited Ltd 22 Phillips Lane Formby, Liverpool, L37 4AZ, England 2020-01-16
D2 Services Limited 67 Littlemoss Hey, Knowsley, Liverpool, L28 5RJ, England 2020-01-16
Hh Eccleston Ltd 5th Floor, 19, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9JQ, England 2020-01-16
Ifa Ltd Flat 4, 10a Hawthorne Road, Bootle, Liverpool, L20 2DN, England 2020-01-16
Liverpool International Ltd 91 Boswell Street, Liverpool, L8 0RN, England 2020-01-16
Mt Real Runner Limited 10 Chapel Gardens, Liverpool, L5 5BE, England 2020-01-16
Party Central Wildlife Experience Ltd 51 Changford Road, Liverpool, L33 9UD, England 2020-01-16
Project Ashton Limited C/o O'connors The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9QJ, United Kingdom 2020-01-16
T.a.j Maintenance Ltd 42 Central Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24 0TP, England 2020-01-16
Themobileworkshop Ltd 4 Parker Street, Liverpool, L1 1DN, England 2020-01-16
Tjc Traders Ltd 17 Lowfield Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L14 5PH, United Kingdom 2020-01-16
24 Ks Touring Limited 48-52 Penny Lane, Liverpool, L18 1DG, England 2020-01-15
Al-thuraya Trading Ltd 19 Danube Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L8 0QR, England 2020-01-15
Ambient Properties Ltd 17 Beechfield Road, Liverpool, L18 3EG, England 2020-01-15
Bubblylavander Ltd 1 Village Court, Liverpool, L17 9RQ, United Kingdom 2020-01-15
Eda Olt(uk) Ltd 19 Laburnum Road, Liverpool, L7 0HT, England 2020-01-15
Greenbridge Homes Limited 27 Kendal Road, Kirkby, Liverpool, L33 2ED, England 2020-01-15
Hannah Pizza Ltd 165 Park Road, Toxteth, Liverpool, Merseyside, L8 6SE, England 2020-01-15
Heyworth Trading Ltd 178 178 Heyworth St, Liverpool, L5 4LJ, England 2020-01-15
Kiiver Finance Limited 11 Mayfield Gardens, Liverpool, Merseyside, L19 3QB, England 2020-01-15
Kurdistan Cafe Company Ltd 55-57 London Road, Liverpool, L3 8HY, England 2020-01-15
L10 Electrical Ltd 58 Dymchurch Road, Liverpool, L24 1XG, England 2020-01-15
Mulligan Construction Limited 1 Belfort Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L25 2QJ, England 2020-01-15
Rrc Rentals Limited 35/41 Store First Building, Estuary Banks, Liverpool, L24 8QR, England 2020-01-15