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Source:Companies House, United Kingdom

This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
Dr Spray Good Ltd 87 Aspes Road, Liverpool, L12 6QB, United Kingdom 2019-11-12
Freesight Management System Ltd 97 Lawrence Road, Liverpool, L15 0EF, England 2019-11-12
Istaygroup Ltd 15 Roseland Close, Liverpool, L31 4JG, England 2019-11-12
Jaka Ltd 6 Craigwood Way, Huyton, Liverpool, L36 4PN, United Kingdom 2019-11-12
Kp Civil Groundworks Ltd 18 The Pottery, Melling, Liverpool, L31 1HZ, United Kingdom 2019-11-12
Msm Property Consortium Ltd 17 Stanley Crescent, Liverpool, L34 3LP, England 2019-11-12
National Asbestos Removal Ltd 19 Broughton Hall Road, Liverpool, L12 9JS, United Kingdom 2019-11-12
Nevaeh Media Limited 132 Altway, Liverpool, L10 6LG, England 2019-11-12
Rl Vehicle Solutions Ltd 7 Litherland Park, Liverpool, L21 9HP, England 2019-11-12
Vulcan Fire and Security Ltd 70 St Gabriel's Avenue, 70 St. Gabriels Avenue, Liverpool, L36 6DW, England 2019-11-12
Acm Asbestos Consulting Ltd 31 Swinderby Drive, Liverpool, L31 1JW, United Kingdom 2019-11-11
Andr3ia Limited 39 Leeds Street Apartment 129 39 Leeds Street, Apartment 129, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 2DB, United Kingdom 2019-11-11
Black Pearl Fs Ltd 63 Mount Road, Liverpool, L32 2AN, England 2019-11-11
Glow Aesthetics By Holly Ltd 18 Redwald Close, Liverpool, Merseyside, L33 4EH, United Kingdom 2019-11-11
Helloprint United Kingdom Limited 2:06 Clockwise, Edward Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AF, United Kingdom 2019-11-11
L A Efficiency Ltd 6 Mossgate Road, Liverpool, L14 0JP, England 2019-11-11
Pharmahealthtalk Community Interest Company 6 Sapling Crescent, Liverpool, L32 3AA, United Kingdom 2019-11-11
Red Jam Jar Limited 205 Higher Road, Higher Road, Liverpool, L26 1UN, England 2019-11-11
Roseann Productions Cic 41 Halsey Crescent, West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside, L12 7HN 2019-11-11
Secret Cricket Club Ltd 65 Old Mill Lane, Formby, Liverpool, L37 3PE, United Kingdom 2019-11-11
Widnes Alloys and Autocare Ltd 1 Burghill Road, Liverpool, L12 0PP, England 2019-11-11
Absolute Tiling (northwest) Ltd 3 Winslade Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L4 9UR, United Kingdom 2019-11-08
Ambassador (liverpool) Ltd 60 Lodge Lane, Liverpool, L8 0QL, United Kingdom 2019-11-08
Byrne Management Services Limited 14 Carillion Close, Liverpool, L11 4SB, England 2019-11-08
Cherish Vogue Care Ltd 52 52 Windsor Road, Huyton, Liverpool, L36 4NJ, United Kingdom 2019-11-08
Cu-plas Supplies (london) Limited 60-68 Durning Road, Liverpool, L7 5NG, United Kingdom 2019-11-08
D. Christie Logistics Ltd 46 Garnett Avenue, Liverpool, L4 1TS, England 2019-11-08
Demo Telecoms Ltd 36 Rainbow Drive, Liverpool, Merseyside, L31 1BZ, United Kingdom 2019-11-08
Elaf Recovery Ltd 11 Oxendale Close, Liverpool, L8 0YE, England 2019-11-08
Halcyon Networks Limited 8c-10 Kirkstone Road North, Liverpool, Merseyside, L21 7NS, United Kingdom 2019-11-08
Health Support Limited 33, Rockfield Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L4 0SE, England 2019-11-08
Imagine Energy Group Ltd. Hanover House, 85 Hanover Street, Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1 3DZ, England 2019-11-08
Jabosa International Ltd 171 Rice Lane, Liverpool, L9 1AF, United Kingdom 2019-11-08
Mnr Transport Limited 14 Askern Road, Liverpool, L32 9QH, England 2019-11-08
New Beginnings - Improving Lives Cic 10 Dragon Close, Liverpool, L11 4SZ, United Kingdom 2019-11-08
Sd Photo Phactory Ltd 12 Abbeygate Apartments, Wavertree Gardens, Liverpool, L15 8HB, England 2019-11-08
Tatton Plastering and Building Ltd 52 Tatton Road, Liverpool, L9 8DX, England 2019-11-08
We Are Doing Our Bit Limited 4 Halewood Way, Liverpool, Merseyside, L25 5LJ, United Kingdom 2019-11-08
Apruvela Limited 19 Maitland Close, Liverpool, Merseyside, L8 0XF, United Kingdom 2019-11-07
Bantwell Accounts & Bookkeeping Ltd 14 Huntsman Wood, Liverpool, L12 0HY, England 2019-11-07
Domus Maintenance Ltd 16 Timon Avenue, Bootle, Liverpool, Merseyside, L20 9DZ, England 2019-11-07
Enterprise for Trade Developments Limited G6 Qd Fast Trac Services Norfolk Street, Suite 160, Liverpool, L1 0BG, United Kingdom 2019-11-07
Homecare Gas (north West) Ltd 35 Granborne Chase, Liverpool, L32 2DN, England 2019-11-07
John Mannering Civils Ltd 20 Makin Street, Liverpool, L4 5QG, United Kingdom 2019-11-07
Mm Health Limited 5 Swalegate, Liverpool, L31 8DL, England 2019-11-07
Pool Resources Ltd 22 Hyde Road, Liverpool, L22 5NT, United Kingdom 2019-11-07
Redfire Software Ltd C/o Basecamp Liverpool Baltic Creative Campus, Jamaica Street, Liverpool, L1 0AH, England 2019-11-07
Revolution Barbers Limited 56-58 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, L1 4EN, England 2019-11-07
The Camouflage Clinic Limited 18 Langford, Hale Village, Liverpool, L24 5SF, England 2019-11-07
Carmine P&d Bakery Limited 24 Richmond Street, Liverpool, L1 1EF, United Kingdom 2019-11-06
Ev Catalyst Ltd Flat 6, 45-47 Newsham Drive, Liverpool, L6 7UQ, United Kingdom 2019-11-06
Faith Nails Liverpool Ltd 21 Carillion Close, Liverpool, L11 4SB, England 2019-11-06
Focal Studios Ltd 44 Simpson Street, Studio B Digital House, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 0AX, England 2019-11-06
Halec Limited 17 Lydia Ann Street, Apartment 16, Liverpool, L1 5BW, United Kingdom 2019-11-06
Ice Tech Services Limited 18 Wellfarm Close, Walton, Liverpool, L9 6GD, England 2019-11-06
Idol By Cheryl Taylor Ltd 39 Dunes Way, Liverpool, L5 9RJ, England 2019-11-06
Jaber Holding Ltd 33 Leagate, Liverpool, L10 1NH, United Kingdom 2019-11-06
Kublas International Ltd 37 Westbrook Road, Liverpool, L25 2PU, United Kingdom 2019-11-06
Lockett Engineering Limited 42 Elder Place, Liverpool, L25 9RP, England 2019-11-06
Peaks Ascending Ltd 3b Sefton Drive, Sefton Park, Liverpool, L8 3SD, United Kingdom 2019-11-06
Pp Properties Liverpool Ltd 57 Garden Lane, Liverpool, L9 9EA, England 2019-11-06
Serious Fun Ltd 36 Rimmer Avenue, Liverpool, L16 2NG, England 2019-11-06
Speedo Mick Cic D B S Corporate Ltd, Charlotte House, Norfolk Street, Queens Dock Commercial Centre, Liverpool, L1 0BG, United Kingdom 2019-11-06
Suzeetay Ltd 45 Carlton Lane, Liverpool, L13 6QS, United Kingdom 2019-11-06
The Ladle 19 Limited 19 Almonds Green, West Derby Village, Liverpool, L12 5HJ, England 2019-11-06
The Lash Lab Ltd 255 Utting Avenue, Liverpool, L4 9RB, United Kingdom 2019-11-06
Wmc Commercial Finance Ltd Head Office 17 Mann Island, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool, L3 1BP, United Kingdom 2019-11-06
2m Developments Ltd 30 Crosby Road North, Liverpool, L22 4QF, England 2019-11-05
Absolute Fitness Liverpool Ltd 23 Aconbury Close, Liverpool, L11 3EB, England 2019-11-05
Animalquestlove Ltd 11 Dorothy Drive, Liverpool, L7 1PW, United Kingdom 2019-11-05
Bibin Limited 152 Walton Village, Liverpool, L4 6TN, United Kingdom 2019-11-05
Buoeys Bridal Boutique Ltd 123 Abberley Road, Liverpool, L25 9QZ, England 2019-11-05
Francine C Powell Limited 11 Whitemeadow Drive, Liverpool, L23 9UN, United Kingdom 2019-11-05
Glt System Ltd 24 Scorton Street, Liverpool, L6 4AT, England 2019-11-05
Kevin Dempsey Limited 137 Round Hey, Liverpool, L28 1RF, England 2019-11-05
Kordon Ltd 85 Allerton Road, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, L18 2DA, England 2019-11-05
Lcn Transport (nw) Limited 21 Blisworth Street, Liverpool, L21 8JE, England 2019-11-05
Manuvo Uk Limited Elevator Studios 4th Floor, 31 Parliament Street, Liverpool, L8 5RN, England 2019-11-05
Marketing Uk Team Limited 10 Rumford Place, Liverpool, L3 9DG, United Kingdom 2019-11-05
Nominal Reaction Limited 96 Blantyre Road, Liverpool, L15 3HT, England 2019-11-05
Smart Diet and Fitness Ltd 61 Gilmartin Grove, Liverpool, Merseyside, L6 1EG, United Kingdom 2019-11-05
Sultan Turkish Mediterranean Bar & Grill Limited 15-19 South Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, Mersi Said, L22 5PE, United Kingdom 2019-11-05
The Bridal Path (liverpool) Limited 222 Childwall Road, Childwall, Liverpool, Merseyside, L15 6UY, United Kingdom 2019-11-05
Trident Accounting Services Ltd Whitfield Accounting, 11 Tapton Way, Liverpool, L13 1DA, United Kingdom 2019-11-05
Alisefat Ltd Flat 11 2 Manley Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 7RA, United Kingdom 2019-11-04
Arnwell Joinery Ltd 18 Century Building, Tower Street, Brunswick Business Park Stuart Mcbain Ltd, Liverpool, L3 4BJ, England 2019-11-04
Bk (brothers Kwofie) Ltd 29 Cornwallis Street, Liverpool, L1 5DG, United Kingdom 2019-11-04
Blue Prix Limited 7 City Road, Liverpool, L4 5UN, England 2019-11-04
Cdcs Transport Ltd 60 Lonsdale Road, Ford, Liverpool, L21 0DS, United Kingdom 2019-11-04
David Taylor Rail Ltd 41 Four Acre Drive, Litherland, Liverpool, L21 0EN, England 2019-11-04
Indie Vegan Limited C/o 36 Ashcroft Road, Formby, Liverpool, L37 6BL, United Kingdom 2019-11-04
Inncrypt Ltd 53 Burlington Street, Liverpool, L3 6LG, England 2019-11-04
James Nolan Electrical Telecoms Ltd 23 Winchester Close, Woolton, Liverpool, L25 7YD, England 2019-11-04
Mahee Travel Ltd 56 Lawrence Road, Liverpool, L15 0EG, England 2019-11-04
Same Day Bargains Ltd 38 Garthdale Road, Liverpool, L18 5HW, England 2019-11-04
Shine Like Stars Cic 22 Utting Avenue, Liverpool, L4 7UR, England 2019-11-04
Vertas Consultancy Uk Ltd 3 A Bridgewater Street, Liverpool, L1 0AR, United Kingdom 2019-11-04
Aerofirm Ltd Flat 15, Oxford Court 68 Oxford Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 7SG, United Kingdom 2019-11-01
Al's Pizza Ltd 82 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L7 4JQ, England 2019-11-01
B.r.d-brazil Ltd 4 Queen Square, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 1RH, England 2019-11-01