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Source:Companies House, United Kingdom

This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date Status
Wildcard Productions Limited 3 Wrentham Avenue, London, NW10 3HT 2021-03-31 Active
Top Frys Catering Limited 37 The Village, London, SE7 8UG 2021-03-31 Active
Shree Gurudev 99 Ltd 93 Ballards Lane, London, N3 1XY 2021-03-31 Active
Manuk Cleaning Ltd Flat 1 230 Ribblesdale Road, London, SW16 6QY 2021-03-31 Active
Viazz Cleaning Ltd 42 Fountain Road, London, SW17 0HQ 2021-03-31 Active
Baia Holdings Ltd 27 Kilburn Lane, London, W10 4AE 2021-03-31 Active
Ranaim Services Ltd 156 Lawrence Avenue, London, E12 5QP 2021-03-31 Active
Granit Trustees Limited Granit Architects, Studios 18-19, 16 Porteus Place, London, SW4 0AS 2021-03-31 Active
Jerbeatix Ltd 1 Goldsmith Road, London, N11 3JA 2021-03-31 Active
Edicos Oils Ltd Unit 9 Cromwell Industrial Estate, Staffa Road, London, E10 7QZ 2021-03-31 Active
Smartaba Limited 2 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3ST 2021-03-31 Active
Hustle Tribe Training Ltd Unit 53192 Po Box 6945, London, W1A 6US 2021-03-31 Active
Smoothie Season Limited 29 Melody Road, London, SW18 2QW 2021-03-31 Active
Sourcel Limited 25 Newland House, Newland Road, London, N8 7AJ 2021-03-31 Active
Marwan Trade Ltd 62 Studley Road, London, E7 9LX 2021-03-31 Active
Safe Space Contracting Ltd 17a Pall Mall Deposit, 124-128 Barlby Road, London, W10 6BL 2021-03-31 Active
Kensington Property Management Ltd. Flat 249 Atwood House, Beckford Close, Warwick Road, London, W14 8TX 2021-03-31 Active
Brilliant Corners Ltd Unit 9l Vanguard Court, Rear of 36-38 Peckham Road, Unit 9l, London, SE5 8QT 2021-03-31 Active
Mandal Candles Limited 353 Montagu Road, London, N9 0EU 2021-03-31 Active
Nixens Real Estate Ltd 408 Kingston Road, London, SW20 8LL 2021-03-31 Active
Otherworld Birmingham Limited 5 Charlotte Road, London, EC2A 3DH 2021-03-31 Active
Bdr Digital Ventures Ltd 84 Orbain Road, London, SW6 7JY 2021-03-31 Active
Zeal Kitchen and Interior Projects Limited The Leather Market Studio 4.2.1, Weston Street, London, SE1 3ER 2021-03-31 Active
Ntc Group Limited 483 Green Lames, London, N13 4BS 2021-03-31 Active
Pace Prime Ltd 37 Morden Hill, London, SE13 7NN 2021-03-31 Active
Investment Valley Limited 6th Floor 200 First Central, 2 Lakeside Drive, London, NW10 7FQ 2021-03-31 Active
Direct Racing Info Ltd Flat 2 Kingsley Garden'S, Greyhound Road, London, W14 9SG 2021-03-31 Active
Newar Cars Ltd 43b Earls Court Road, London, W8 6ED 2021-03-31 Active
Smm-Tg Ltd 165 Hendon Way, London, NW2 2NB 2021-03-31 Active
Bamyan Limited 78 Elsted Street, London, SE17 1QG 2021-03-31 Active
Patience Harding Ltd 3 Alvington Crescent, London, E8 2NN 2021-03-31 Active
Kepfit Limited Flat 28 Perkins House, Wallwood Street, London, E14 7AH 2021-03-31 Active
Tm Management & Consulting Limited Flat 4 Prestwick Court, Taylor Close, London, N17 0UW 2021-03-31 Active
Vital Electrical Works Limited 142 Bury Street, London, N9 7JR 2021-03-31 Active
Lutra Mortgages Ltd 35, New Broad Street House, New Broad Street, London, EC2M 1NH 2021-03-31 Active
Black Unity Uk Ltd Flat 8 Hadyn Park Court, Curwen Road, London, W12 9AL 2021-03-31 Active
Baddietwn Ltd Tabitha 80 Haydon Drive, London, London, Hillingdon, HA5 2PN 2021-03-31 Active
Ibudina Limited Flat 4, 142 Worple Road, London, SW20 8QA 2021-03-31 Active
Aamr Building Ltd 300 Shooters Hill Road, London, SE18 4LT 2021-03-31 Active
Avro Holdco Uk Ltd Arnold Hill & Co, 16, Craven House, Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5AP 2021-03-31 Active
Ditna Capital Ltd Dept 3595, 196 High Road, Wood Green, London, N22 8HH 2021-03-30 Active
Diversitas Ltd 118 Rhodeswell Road, London, E14 7TL 2021-03-30 Active
Abco Investments Uk Limited 73 Bristol Road, London, E7 8HG 2021-03-30 Active
Danny and Sons Limited 1 West Avenue Road, London, E17 9SE 2021-03-30 Active
Abbey Mills Development Limited Mar House Unit 1, Mar House, 50 The Hyde, London, NW9 0FP 2021-03-30 Active
Fairsolution Marketing Ltd Room 5 & 6 Basement Floor, 31 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2DX 2021-03-30 Active
The Prestige Collection Ltd 30 Sunny Bank, London, SE25 4TJ 2021-03-30 Active
Seanox Co Ltd Flat 7f Hyde Park Mansions, Cabbell Street, London, NW1 5BE 2021-03-30 Active
Parallel Medics Limited Flat 34, Keppel House, London, SE8 3LU 2021-03-30 Active
Angelovi Property Uk Ltd 14 Jillian Close, Hampton, London, TW12 2NX 2021-03-30 Active
Rosecliff Holdings Ltd Flat 26, 27, Bridgestone House, Blue Anchor Lane, London, SE16 3UL 2021-03-30 Active
Simple Ethos Limited 73 Bracklyn Court, Wimbourne Street, London, London, City Of, N1 7EL 2021-03-30 Active
Dewlish Estate Limited C/O Christofferson, Robb & Company, 11 Waterloo Place, London, SW1Y 4AU 2021-03-30 Active
Statuslayer Ltd Monomark House, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX 2021-03-30 Active
Nahid Limited 21 Clare Gardens, London, W11 1NX 2021-03-30 Active
London Eye Pure Life Ltd 98 Hampden Way, London, N14 5AX 2021-03-30 Active
Collar Ltd Flat 12 Centenary Heights, Larkwood Avenue, London, SE10 8GE 2021-03-30 Active
Kunnende Ltd 58 Strathnairn Street, London, SE1 5BL 2021-03-30 Active
Lnt Aesthetic Beauty Ltd 182 Robertson Street, London, SW8 3TN 2021-03-30 Active
Sovex Global Ltd Dept 3412, 601 International House, 223 Regent Street, London, W1B 2QD 2021-03-30 Active
Coloured Bricks Ltd Flat 41 Grove End Gardens, 33 Grove End Road, London, NW8 9LN 2021-03-30 Active
Exchange Technologies Lp Unit 111431 Second Floor, 6 Market Place, London, Fitzrovia, W1W 8AF 2021-03-30 Active
Gekko Living Ltd 90 Rothschild Road, London, W4 5NS 2021-03-30 Active
Changing Lives Care Ltd Flat 2, Howick Mansions, 825 Woolwich Road, London, SE7 8LL 2021-03-30 Active
Shabiza Properties LLP 64 West Hill, Wembley, London, HA9 9RS 2021-03-30 Active
Emmanuvel & Sons Ltd 6 Bosbury Road, London, SE6 2SJ 2021-03-30 Active
Statacon Ltd 2 Oak Terrace, Penrose Grove, London, SE17 3EZ 2021-03-30 Active
Saf Transit Ltd 247 Plumstead High Street, London, SE18 1HF 2021-03-30 Active
Love Eats London Ltd Flat 7 Hanover Court, 5 Stean Street, London, E8 4ED 2021-03-30 Active
Jusa Access Limited Flat 36 Clairville Point, Dacres Road, London, SE23 2PA 2021-03-30 Active
Yourlocalgrub Limited Yourlocalgrub 3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE 2021-03-30 Active
Quantum Plays Ltd C/O Rw Blears LLP 15 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, London, WC2A 3UE 2021-03-30 Active
Ryanna Ltd 97 Shepperton Road, London, N1 3DF 2021-03-30 Active
Archi Vally (uk) Ltd Flat 73 Burnham Estate, Globe Road, London, E2 0JG 2021-03-30 Active
Azure Organisation Ltd C/O Kozmik Work Space Ltd Unit 2c, 9-15 Elthorne Road, London, N19 4AJ 2021-03-30 Active
K.nicole Ltd Flat 14 Drayton House, Drayton Road, London, E11 4AS 2021-03-30 Active
Miller's Contractors Ltd 61 White Hart Lane, London, N17 8HH 2021-03-30 Active
Dress-Cision Ltd 65 York Road, Flat 1, London, W3 6TS 2021-03-30 Active
Andrea Benedettini Ltd Studio 12 Parsons Green House, 27 Parsons Green Lane, London, SW6 4HH 2021-03-30 Active
Dobromir Construction Ltd 30 Nursery Street, London, N17 8AP 2021-03-30 Active
Hh Property London Ltd Flat 62 Bodiam Court, 4 Park Royal, London, NW10 7GD 2021-03-30 Active
The Wilson's Touch Ltd 74b Corrance Road, London, SW2 5RH 2021-03-30 Active
Baaz Ltd 20 Freeland Park, Holders Hill Road, London, NW4 1LP 2021-03-30 Active
Alfurqan Dar Alquran Limited Flat 22, Cabinet Court, Flowers Close, London, NW2 7FH 2021-03-30 Active
Copper Coin Club Limited Flat 8, Block D, Peabody Estate Rodney Road, Elephant & Castle, London, SE17 1BJ 2021-03-30 Active
Haward College London Limited G01, 246-250 Romford Road, London, E7 9HZ 2021-03-30 Active
Jcr Cinematography Limited Flat 7 Bridge House, 47 Adelaide Avenue, London, SE4 1LF 2021-03-30 Active
Akasha Investments Limited 38 Ellaline Road, London, W6 9NZ 2021-03-30 Active
Gen-H Transaction Services Limited Exmouth House 3-11, Pine Street, London, EC1R 0JH 2021-03-30 Active
Neckline Limited 14 Moreton Road, London, N15 6ES 2021-03-30 Active
H Taylor Specialist Consulting Limited 13 Triangle Court, London, SE5 0AT 2021-03-30 Active
Hesse Heating and Plumbing Limited 1b Daintry Way, London, E9 5JJ 2021-03-30 Active
Wheels.app Ltd 24, Next Space, St Albans Place, London, N1 0NX 2021-03-30 Active
Edi786 Ltd 35 Roseville Avenue, London, TW3 3TE 2021-03-30 Active
Rensa Group Ltd Suite 17098 43 Bedford Street, London, WC2E 9HA 2021-03-30 Active
Dlx Lotus Ltd 8 Hampstead Gardens, London, NW11 7EU 2021-03-30 Active
Velan Cleaning Ltd 39 Flat C, Ramsden Road, London, SW12 8QX 2021-03-30 Active
Ft Runners Limited Unit Gq Leroy House, 436 Essex Road, London, N1 3QP 2021-03-30 Active
Diri Ltd Flat 26 Outwood House, Deepdene Gardens, London, SW2 3LP 2021-03-30 Active
Kelliescleanin Ltd Flat 11 Sandford Court, Bethune Road, London, N16 5BB 2021-03-30 Active