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Source:Companies House, United Kingdom

This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
A1 Cleaning and Property Maintenance Ltd Flat 5, 47, Daisy Bank Road, Manchester, M14 5QW, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Abiss Business Solutions Ltd 2 Farmstead Close, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 9NU, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Advice Finances Ltd 175 Broadway, Manchester, M41 7NW, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Afiss Household Products Technology Limited Adamson House, Wilmslow Road, Manchester, England, M20 2YY, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Alisha Anderson Ltd 20 Droylsden Wharf Road, Droylsden, Manchester, M43 6SR, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Assured Debt Consultants Ltd 4 Louisa Mews Louisa Mews, Denton, Manchester, M34 2EF, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Bjscivils Limited 54 Shawbury Road, Manchester, M23 2ZQ, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Bowes Install Group Ltd 1 Whimberry Way, Manchester, M20 4SG, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Broadgate Care Services Ltd C/o Mh Accountant, 147 Dickenson Road, Manchester, M14 5HZ, England 2018-12-31
Ccslee Ltd 18 Huntley Road, Manchester, M8 4JF, England 2018-12-31
Centra Developments Limited 2 York Street, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3YS, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Confectionery Mcr Ltd 25 Deramore St, Manchester, M14 4DT, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Ebm Care Services Ltd 1d Haveley Rd, Manchester, M22 8FD, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Elliotlafave Development Ltd 14 Ardmore Walk, Manchester, M22 5QG, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Empieor Ltd 10 Naples Street, Apartment 16, Manchester, M4 4AR, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Exoshell Uk Ltd Peter House, Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5AN, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Fordabl Ltd 48 Wilfred Street, Manchester, M40 9LG, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Gavron Ltd 7 Kings Avenue, Manchester, M8 5AS, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Guesthouse Manchester Ltd 1010 Stockport Road, Manchester, M19 3WN, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Infused & Confused Ltd 5 Ollerton Close, Manchester, M22 4HG, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Jm Building Maintenance Limited 177 177 Brailsford Rd, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6PZ, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Kathmandu Kitchen Group Ltd 7 Braithwaite Road, Manchester, M18 7TJ, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Legalco Limited Hilton Regus Express Outwood Lane Outwood Lane, Near Manchester Airport, Manchester, M90 4WP, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Mcm Healthcare Manchester Ltd 11 Devon Road, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8EX, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Meridian Phoenix Group Ltd Meridian Driver Ltd 146, Bolton Road, Atherton, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M46 9LF, England 2018-12-31
Nextgen Gadgets Ltd 377 Stockport Road, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M34 6EP, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
O.b.one Consulting Limited 11 Baldock Road, Didsbury, Manchester, Lancashire, M20 6JG, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Pillman Ltd The Loose Cannon 701 Oldham Road, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 9AT, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Ranchi Ware Limited 223 Kingsway Park, Manchester, M41 7EE, England 2018-12-31
Roger Morton Ltd 26 Albemarle Road, Manchester, M21 9HZ, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Sami Visuals Ltd 1 Barnhill Road, Prestwich, Manchester, Lancashire, M25 9WH, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Select Your Fashion Limited 128 Philip Street, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0WE, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Ward Homes (nw) Ltd Unit 1 Albert Street, Droylsden, Manchester, M43 7ZH, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Waz International Limited Flat 171 The Atrium, Bury Old Road, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 7AL, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Wms Handymen Ltd 4 Brentwood Street, Manchester, M16 7LE, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Wynmac Limited 86 Castleton Avenue Castleton Avenue, Stretford, Manchester, Lancashire, M32 9RS, United Kingdom 2018-12-31
Zack Solutions Limited 11 Hillfield Close Ardwick, Manchester, M13 9BB, England 2018-12-31
Alfa Traders Ltd 56 Arbor Avenue, Manchester, M19 1EZ, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Anwo Consulting Ltd International House, 61 Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3HZ, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Auto Deals 4 U Limited 20 Woodpecker Road, Manchester, M21 7JT, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Baklim Solution Ltd 40 Benchill Court Road, Manchester, M22 4QL, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Bokonvel Ltd 18 Newcliffe Road, Blackely, Manchester, M9 6LB, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Curatops Ltd 2 Avon Court, Manchester, M15 4BG, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Darkmaginn Ltd 36 Lingmoor Close, Middleton, Manchester, M24 4JW, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Diah Pharm Ltd 13 Linden Park, Manchester, Lancashire, M19 2PQ, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Durbiton Ltd 10 Foscarn Drive, Baguley, Manchester, M23 1LU, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Elima Ltd 44 Park Road, Manchester, M8 4HU, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Elysian 3d Limited C/o Dwf LLP 1 Scott Place, 2 Hardman Street, Manchester, M3 3AA, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Fantera Ltd 71 Brookcot Road, Baguely, Manchester, M23 1DS, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Fb Cosmetologist Limited 4 Grosvenor Road, Manchester, M16 8JP, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Fist Twist Ltd 8 Foscarn Drive, Manchester, M23 1LU, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Flecher Contracting Ltd 8 Ardingly Walk, Brooklands, Manchester, M23 9EA, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Friksen Ltd 69 Brookcot Road, Baguley, Manchester, M23 1DS, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Geiamor Limited 40 Greville Street, Manchester, M13 0YG, England 2018-12-28
Infinity Dot Ltd 22 Maismore Road, Manchester, M22 1RZ, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Intelligent Advisory Technologies Limited City South 39 City Road East, Flat 43, Manchester, M15 4QA, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Kocalon Ltd 1 Wellar Gardens, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 7SZ, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Kvatech Ltd 53 Swanage Ave, Brooklands, Manchester, M23 9EN, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Lamassu Ltd Flat 209 Rusholme Gardens, 176 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester, M14 5LS, England 2018-12-28
Melior Publishing Ltd 7.6a Lord Street, Manchester, M4 4AX, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Metalion Contracting Ltd 12 Rackhouse Road, Northern Moor, Manchester, M23 0BN, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Michael Codd Ltd 414 Parrs Wood Road, Manchester, M20 5GP, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Mz Invest Limited 83 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Nhassan Consultants Limited 670a Rochdale Road, Manchester, M9 5TT, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Nwtech Solutions Limited 185 Seymour Grove, Manchester, Lancashire, M16 0FJ, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Ontime Technology Limited 45 Fern Close Middleton Fern Close, Middleton, Manchester, Lancashire, M24 2FZ, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Penzos Solutions Ltd 75 Tunshill Road, Brooklands, Manchester, M23 9QB, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Rablar Elect Elect Limited 5 Benton Street, Manchester, M9 4NG, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Redline Motorz Ltd 706 Oldham Road, Manchester, M40 2AA, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Revaltis Contracting Ltd 11 Chorley Rd, Sale Moor, Manchester, M33 2TT, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Rondion Ltd 53 Warmley Road, Brooklands, Manchester, M23 9DH, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Rufon Contracting Ltd 17 Fernbank Drive, Brooklands, Manchester, M23 9AL, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Sajni Limited 731 Stockport Road, Manchester, M19 3AR, England 2018-12-28
Swep Solution Ltd Unit 180, 19 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1AN, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Take A Chance Lottery Limited 101 New Lane New Lane, Eccles, Manchester, M30 7JW, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Trafeks Ltd 84 Bideford Drive, Baguley, Manchester, M23 0QN, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Traket Ltd 55 Stubbins Close, Manchester, M23 9QD, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Trendlink Technical Ltd 5 Burslem Avenue, Withington, Manchester, M20 1BD, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Usben Contracting Ltd 56 Yew Tree Lane, Northern Moor, Manchester, M23 0DR, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Xpert Solutionz Ltd Office 3 157-159, Fairfield Road Droylsden, Manchester, M43 6AX, United Kingdom 2018-12-28
Aa Electricians Ltd 23 Talgarth Road, Manchester, M40 7QA, England 2018-12-27
Ancoats House Ltd 27 Blossom Street, Manchester, M4 6AJ, United Kingdom 2018-12-27
Avi Recruitment Ltd 11 Higher Lane Higher Lane, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 7HG, United Kingdom 2018-12-27
Dja Cox Consulting Ltd 11 Fairhaven Avenue, Manchester, M21 8TW, United Kingdom 2018-12-27
Donpar Services Ltd 19 Cavendish Road, Stetford, Manchester, M32 0PS, United Kingdom 2018-12-27
Engineering and Manufactoring Services Uk Limited Cariocca Business Park, 2 Sawley Road, Manchester, M40 8BB, England 2018-12-27
Firestock Ltd 51 Ashfield Road, Manchester, M13 0YP, United Kingdom 2018-12-27
Hl Bakery Projects (europe) Limited C/o Hrc Law LLP, Acresfield, 8-10 Exchange Street, Manchester, M2 7HA, England 2018-12-27
Jardins D'eden Ltd 2nd Floor Hanover House, 30 Charlotte Street, Manchester, M1 4EX, United Kingdom 2018-12-27
Jekbee Ltd 1101 Leftbank, Manchester, M3 3AL, United Kingdom 2018-12-27
Khan Electricians Ltd 12 Valance Close, Manchester, M12 5LB, England 2018-12-27
Linx Accounting Services Limited 65 Barlow Road, Manchester, Manchester, M19 3DB, United Kingdom 2018-12-27
M24 Trading Limited 31 Brassey Street, Middleton, Manchester, M24 6AU, England 2018-12-27
Mirawel Contracting Ltd 238 Greenbrow Road, Baguley, Manchester, M23 2UD, United Kingdom 2018-12-27
Moon Carpet & Flooring Ltd Office 2, Ground Floor, 141 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M8 8LY, England 2018-12-27
Nef Incorporated Ltd 58 Woodlands Road, Manchester, M8 0NF, United Kingdom 2018-12-27
Nmackintosh Ltd 6 Swinford Walk, Manchester, Lancashire, M9 6DE, England 2018-12-27
Paragon Security Management Ltd Unit 19 Hellidon Close, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 4AH, United Kingdom 2018-12-27
Rockabyboo International Limited 6th Floor, Blackfriars House, The Parsonage, Manchester, Lancashire, M3 2JA, United Kingdom 2018-12-27
Same Day Deliveries Uk Ltd 1 Crediton Close, Manchester, M15 6EW, United Kingdom 2018-12-27