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This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

MANCHESTER · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date Status
1am Ltd International House, 61 Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3HZ 2020-12-31 Active
Abz Clothing Limited 3 Byrom Street, Manchester, M5 4GH 2020-12-31 Active
Afreuroame Oil & Gas Global Limited 29 Kingscliffe Street, Manchester, M9 4WJ 2020-12-31 Active
Ah Trade & Consulting Ltd 10 Coleby Avenue, Old Trafford, Manchester, Lancashire, M16 9WQ 2020-12-31 Active
Carbon Clean Slate Ltd Flat 96 Citygate 1 1 Blantyre Street, Castlefield, Manchester, Lancashire, M15 4JU 2020-12-31 Active
Chiran Investment Properties Ltd Apartment 2 Junction Works, 40 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2DF 2020-12-31 Active
County Food Mcr Limited 118 Church Street, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0LS 2020-12-31 Active
Dotcom Media Ltd 8 Blueberry Avenue, Manchester, M40 0GF 2020-12-31 Active
Electricblu Ltd 34 Park Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M27 4UR 2020-12-31 Active
Elements Holistics Ltd 5 Skelwith Close, Urmston, Manchester, M41 8DU 2020-12-31 Active
Epitomesoft Ltd 8 Plainsfield Street, Manchester, M16 7HB 2020-12-31 Active
Express Beers - Middleton Ltd 5 St. Agnes Court 63 Whalley Road, Middleton, Manchester, M24 6EE 2020-12-31 Active
Fixed Automotive Spares Limited Fixed Automotive Spares Unit 3, Higher Bury Street, Manchester, Cheshire, SK4 1BJ 2020-12-31 Active
Gab Quality Construction Ltd 5 Connie Street, Manchester, M11 2JT 2020-12-31 Active
German Performance Ltd 41 Lewis Avenue, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M9 4FR 2020-12-31 Active
Gframe Ltd 84 Two Trees Lane, Denton, Manchester, M34 7SZ 2020-12-31 Active
Hana Gents Grooming Ltd 343 Kingsway, Manchester, M19 1NQ 2020-12-31 Active
I-Digital Online Ltd 2 Dobson Street, Manchester, M11 1PQ 2020-12-31 Active
Inside Quality Construction Ltd 36 Connie Street, Manchester, M11 2JT 2020-12-31 Active
Kabuiku Collective Ltd Apartment 804 Masson Place, 1 Hornbeam Way, Manchester, M4 4AQ 2020-12-31 Active
M3sd Ltd 11 Chidlow Avenue, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M20 1AN 2020-12-31 Active
Mcl Legal Ltd 9a Shap Crescent, Worsley, Manchester, M28 7EZ 2020-12-31 Active
Megacells Ltd 86 Homewood Road, Manchester, M22 4DQ 2020-12-31 Active
Mirela Garments Ltd 1 Carrill Grove, Manchester, Lancashire, M19 3AE 2020-12-31 Active
Mughal Multiple Services Ltd 26 Avon Road, Manchester, M19 1FW 2020-12-31 Active
Northern Quarter Liquor Company Ltd 15 Red Bank, Manchester, Lancashire, M4 4HF 2020-12-31 Active
Retreat Holdings Limited 4 Nell Lane, Manchester, M21 7UD 2020-12-31 Active
Rf Solution Services Limited 61 Princedom Street, Manchester, M9 4GP 2020-12-31 Active
Riviera Jade Ltd 34 Brook Meadow Close, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 7JD 2020-12-31 Active
Safe Home Plumbing & Heating Ltd 9 Birch Hall Lane, Manchester, M13 0XJ 2020-12-31 Active
Shipshape Products Ltd 3 Smart Street, Manchester, M12 4NX 2020-12-31 Active
Speirsy'S Services Limited 79 Farnborough Road, Manchester, M40 7WF 2020-12-31 Active
Swi Manchester Limited 14 Devoke Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M22 1TY 2020-12-31 Active
Syed110 Limited 8 Eastern Circle, Manchester, M19 1JP 2020-12-31 Active
The Hive Academy Ltd 31 Canterbury Close, Atherton, Manchester, M46 9JT 2020-12-31 Active
Tjbabs Ltd 63 Jocelyn Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M40 8PJ 2020-12-31 Active
Ucdi Limited 206 Asia House, 82 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6BD 2020-12-31 Active
Westuary Ltd Flat 2, Lynwood Court, Middleton Road, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M8 4JX 2020-12-31 Active
Zimmerli Textil Ltd 34 Sergeants Lane, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 7TS 2020-12-31 Active
Allauddin Traders Limited 7 Shirley Avenue, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0UH 2020-12-30 Active
Am-Martz Ltd 12 Berkeley Avenue, Manchester, M14 5DN 2020-12-30 Active
Ammar Corporation Limited City View House 5 Union Street, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 4JD 2020-12-30 Active
Arrends Solutions Limited 7a First Floor, Trafalgar Business Park, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M8 9TZ 2020-12-30 Active
Bedrock Investment Limited 1459 Ashton Old Road, Manchester, M11 1HH 2020-12-30 Active
Bermerlan Limited 53 Moorhey Road, Little Hulton, Manchester, M38 9TS 2020-12-30 Active
Bottega Britannica Ltd 502 Masson Place, 1 Hornbeam Way, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 4AJ 2020-12-30 Active
Boutique Belle Ltd 59 Shakerley Road, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8ES 2020-12-30 Active
Brain Trips Uk Limited 9 Enver Road, Manchester, M8 5UN 2020-12-30 Active
Brixia Services Ltd 59 Hartington Street, Manchester, M14 4RP 2020-12-30 Active
Chili Pepper Co. Ltd 10 Outwood Road, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1AQ 2020-12-30 Active
Create and Bake Ltd 110 Stour Road, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 7WS 2020-12-30 Active
Cryptosaver Inc Ltd 12 Newton Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 2AN 2020-12-30 Active
Emerald Growth Ltd 1 Crompton Road, Manchester, M19 2QJ 2020-12-30 Active
Etcaterva Ltd 67 Winstanley Road, Manchester, M40 7WJ 2020-12-30 Active
Eurikah Lend Ltd Montpelier House 62-66, Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2EN 2020-12-30 Active
Farah Courier Company Ltd 96 St. Bees Close, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M14 4GG 2020-12-30 Active
Fresh Box Produce Ltd 304 Leigh Road, Atherton, Manchester, M46 0RN 2020-12-30 Active
Go Shoppers Limited 7 Knightswood Road, Manchester, M8 0AQ 2020-12-30 Active
Hempflow Ltd 12 Carbis Avenue, Manchester, M11 3DP 2020-12-30 Active
Jacob'S Drinks Ltd 3 Brigsteer Walk, Manchester, M40 8LW 2020-12-30 Active
Jj Staff Ltd 32 Brodick Street, Manchester, M40 9WL 2020-12-30 Active
Kavaa Ltd Flat 401, Chatsworth House, 19 Lever Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 1BY 2020-12-30 Active
Liberty Innovate Ltd 207 Broadfield Road, Manchester, M14 7JH 2020-12-30 Active
Lo Sportz Limited 12 Merlewood Drive, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 7PG 2020-12-30 Active
M and A Automotive Limited 5 Kershaw Avenue, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 9YX 2020-12-30 Active
Mega-Health Multidynamics Limited 57 Birch Lane, Manchester, M13 0WW 2020-12-30 Active
Mhasib Limited 68 Northridge Road, Manchester, M9 6GP 2020-12-30 Active
Momentum Consulting & Technologies Ltd 132-134 Great Ancoat Street, Manchester, M4 6DE 2020-12-30 Active
Muallim Builders Ltd 43 Arnside Street, Manchester, M14 7PF 2020-12-30 Active
Nebula Cosmetics Ltd 8 Gorse Avenue, Stretford, Manchester, Lancashire, M32 0UL 2020-12-30 Active
Poise Intima Ltd 39 Shire Gardens, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 4EW 2020-12-30 Active
Professional Roof & Driveway Cleaning Ltd 12 Clifton House Road, Swinton, Manchester, M27 6WP 2020-12-30 Active
Rich Land Hometextile Ltd 143 Mmr House, Mmr & Co, 57 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M4 4FS 2020-12-30 Active
Riz Textiles Limited 131 Smedley Road, Manchester, M8 0RS 2020-12-30 Active
Rk Grocers Limited 2 St. Oswalds Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3DR 2020-12-30 Active
Romi Limited 11 Isca Street, Manchester, M11 3RN 2020-12-30 Active
Science of Multi-Directional Speed Ltd 2 Grange Avenue, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M41 6QE 2020-12-30 Active
Sport Prime Limited 18 Styhead Drive, Middleton, Manchester, M24 5PL 2020-12-30 Active
T23 Property Developments Ltd 57 Crawford Avenue, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8ET 2020-12-30 Active
The Honesty Party Nominees Limited 31 Cambrai Crescent, Eccles, Manchester, M30 8HP 2020-12-30 Active
Unique Traders Limited 1 Fyfield Walk, Manchester, M8 8WH 2020-12-30 Active
Zst Cleaning Services Limited 32 Erskine Road, Manchester, M9 6RB 2020-12-30 Active
4ll Services Ltd 19 Crestfold, Little Hulton, Manchester, M38 0BF 2020-12-29 Active
Always Grow Organics Ltd 53 Durham Street, Droylsden, Manchester, M43 6DT 2020-12-29 Active
Ams Digital Solutions Ltd Office 2, First Floort, 4 Harthill Street, Manchester, M8 8AG 2020-12-29 Active
Artisan Crafts Ltd 16 Essington Walk, Denton, Manchester, M34 6NU 2020-12-29 Active
Asv Digital Ltd 174 Hamilton Road, Manchester, M13 0PG 2020-12-29 Active
Bikkex Digital Europe Limited 101 Cathedral Approach, Manchester, M3 7FB 2020-12-29 Active
Dev Supply Gbr Limited Fieldfisher, 5th Floor Free Trade Exchange, 37 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5GB 2020-12-29 Active
Dronetechrecords Ltd Unit 45, 15 Pollard Street East, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M40 7QX 2020-12-29 Active
Elevate Medica Ltd Apartment 812 Cypress Place, 9 New Century Park, Manchester, M4 4EF 2020-12-29 Active
Emma and Gaby Company Limited The Old Gasworks Higginshaw Lane, Oldham, Manchester, Greater Manchester, OL2 6HQ 2020-12-29 Active
Global Sdragedist Ltd 3 Constable House 64 Stockport Road, Denton, Manchester, M34 6AD 2020-12-29 Active
I Learn Academy Ltd 17 Washbrook Drive, Stretford, Manchester, M32 9DP 2020-12-29 Active
Iblaze Vape Sale Ltd 35 Cross Street, Sale, Manchester, M33 7FT 2020-12-29 Active
Jamie and Lauren Properties Limited 9 Ringley Close, Whitefield, Manchester, Lancashire, M45 7HR 2020-12-29 Active
Jessy Cleaning Services Limited 1 Stephenson Avenue, Droylsden, Manchester, M43 6QT 2020-12-29 Active
Jjwilliams Ltd 437a Oldham Road, Middleton, Manchester, M24 2DH 2020-12-29 Active
Jmj Bui Ltd Flat 4 16 Barton Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 9TR 2020-12-29 Active
John Evans Car Sales Limited 66 Broadway, Urmston, Manchester, M41 7WF 2020-12-29 Active