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This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
Cmt Investment Ltd 3 Ravensbury Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M11 4GG, England 2019-11-26
Create The Avalanche Ltd 24 Brayton Avenue, Manchester, Lancashire, M20 5LP, United Kingdom 2019-11-26
Dpg Media Ltd 3000 Regus Manchester Airport, 3000 Aviator Way, Manchester, M22 5TG, England 2019-11-26
Farasan Foods Ltd 51 Harcourt Street, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0JB, England 2019-11-26
Green Clothing Company Limited 4th Floor, Centenary House, 1 Centenary Way, Manchester, M50 1RF, United Kingdom 2019-11-26
Heaven-js Ltd 7 Gorton Lane, Manchester, Lancashire, M12 5DF, United Kingdom 2019-11-26
Heywoods Property Management Limited 24 Woodhill Close, Middleton, Manchester, M24 5SL, England 2019-11-26
Job Thai Limited 149a Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, M4 6DH, United Kingdom 2019-11-26
Karsey Ltd 274 Claremont Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M14 4TS, United Kingdom 2019-11-26
Kumars (pvt) Ltd 22 Hawthorn Drive, Manchester, M19 1GZ, England 2019-11-26
Kuptsov Ltd Long Millgate 12, Simpson Street 12, Manchester, M4 4GB, England 2019-11-26
La Citadelle Ltd 260 Anson Anson Street, Eccles, Manchester, M30 8HH, England 2019-11-26
Lola & Lucy Ltd 15 Somerset Road, Droylsden, Manchester, M43 7PX, England 2019-11-26
M R Electrical (nw) Ltd 47 Waverley Road, Manchester, M27 4JB, United Kingdom 2019-11-26
Mbhram Enterprise Limited Building1, 5 New Welcome Street, Manchester, M15 5NA, England 2019-11-26
Mobile Umbrella Ltd 1b Mount Road, Manchester, M18 7BG, England 2019-11-26
Nyaley Limited 49 Moorside Street, Droylsden, Manchester, M43 7HD, United Kingdom 2019-11-26
Pro Health Estates Limited 2nd Floor 2nd Floor, 9 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3BE, England 2019-11-26
Run Dmm Limited Roy & Co, 139 Wilbraham Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M14 7DS, United Kingdom 2019-11-26
Snoring Bear Mead Ltd 75 North Western Street, Manchester, M12 6DY, England 2019-11-26
Svs Yonus Motors Limited Svs Motors, Ashton New Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M11 4SG, United Kingdom 2019-11-26
Ukdigit Ltd 387 Burnage Lane, Manchester, M19 1DG, England 2019-11-26
Village Bargain Store Ltd 94 The Downs, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1TT, United Kingdom 2019-11-26
What Drinks Group Ltd 1st Floor, Cloisters House, Riverside, New Bailey Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M3 5FS, England 2019-11-26
You Solutions Ltd 7 Maine Road, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M14 4AY, United Kingdom 2019-11-26
32 Brains Ltd 8 Abbotsford Drive, Middleton, Manchester, M24 5NB, England 2019-11-25
Adam & Son Bathrooms Installation Ltd 103 Alderue Avenue, Manchester, M22 8DH, England 2019-11-25
Arrow Property Consulting Ltd 24 Springbridge Road, Manchester, Manchester, England, M16 8PW, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Athens Travel Ltd 5 Broadmeadow Avenue, Manchester, M16 8GS, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Barrow Commercial & Residential Ltd 46 Pole Lane, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 9PB, England 2019-11-25
Battery.eu Ltd 14 Birch Polygon, Manchester, M14 5HX, England 2019-11-25
Brava Autos Ltd 1 Lund Street, Manchester, M16 9EJ, England 2019-11-25
Bright Light Labs Uk Ltd 38 Kirklands, Sale, Manchester, Cheshire, M33 3SG, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Cassius Moyo Limited 4 Glamis Avenue, Manchester, M11 4HZ, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Citech Project Services Limited 28a Clowes Street, Manchester, M12 5EB, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Connorscorner Limited 20 Harrowby Drive, Manchester, M40 8LP, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
D&m Recruitment Services Limited 7 St Martin Drive, Salford, Manchester, M7 4FA, England 2019-11-25
Dunbury Wholesale Ltd Unit 27 Wardley Industrial Estate, Shield Drive, Manchester, M28 2QB, England 2019-11-25
Eleven To Eleven Limited Unit 90 Cariocca Business Park,hellidon Close, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 4AH, England 2019-11-25
Emma Shale Solutions Limited 424 Kings Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 8QW, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Fjt Trading Limited 41 Springdale Gardens, Manchester, M20 2SS, England 2019-11-25
Fortis Beauty Ltd Unit B 88-90 Church Street, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0DA, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Fusion Active Ltd 12 Ardern Road, Manchester, M8 4FB, England 2019-11-25
Ga Autos (pvt) Ltd Unit 2, Ground Floor, Toa House, Raynes Way, Broughton Street, Manchester, M8 8NN, England 2019-11-25
Jamesupplys Ltd 3 Firdon Walk, Manchester, M9 5GJ, England 2019-11-25
Jg It Solution Ltd 10 Bowling Green Lane, Longsight, Manchester, M12 5FZ, England 2019-11-25
Kb Global Ltd 201d Woodhouse Lane, Manchester, M22 9TE, England 2019-11-25
L'amour Boutique Ltd 143b Worsley Road, Eccles, Manchester, M30 8LY, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Luke Ford Services Ltd 56 Shawhead Drive, Failsworth, Manchester, Lancashire, M35 0SB, England 2019-11-25
Manchester Mattress Company Limited Unit 5 Phoenix Industrial Estate, Failsworth, Manchester, Lancashire, M35 9DS, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Mr Bakery Ltd 159 Dickenson Road, Manchester, M14 5HZ, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Novacount Ltd 8a Aspell Close, Middleton, Manchester, M24 4AR, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Parker Hughes Consulting Ltd Flat 605, 61 Houldsworth Street, Manchester, M1 2FB, England 2019-11-25
Pavla Machova Fitness Ltd 6 Arnfield Road, Audenshaw, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M34 5ZQ, England 2019-11-25
Renovax Construction Ltd Flat 106, Great Western Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M14 4RA, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Restore and Rejuvenate Ltd 1 Gibson Lane, Worsley, Manchester, M28 0BJ, England 2019-11-25
Seeker Logistics Ltd 19 Goldwick Walk, Manchester, M23 9QG, England 2019-11-25
Skin Revolution Clinic Ltd 11 Edson Road, Manchester, M8 4WF, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Somervilles P+d Limited 24 Tewkesbury Road, Manchester, M40 7DH, England 2019-11-25
Ul Haq Optics Ltd 41 Cliffdale Drive, Manchester, M8 4QF, England 2019-11-25
Waz Fashions Limited Basement, Unit 2 3 Peel Lane, Off North Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M8 8RJ, United Kingdom 2019-11-25
Zeekay Ltd 12 Linwood Grove, Linwood Grove, Manchester, M12 4QH, England 2019-11-25
20 Hongxin Limited Apartment 11 Summer Court, 101 Firs Way, Manchester, M33 4SU, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Abc Store Ltd 76 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 4GU, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Abmb Holdings Limited Denton Hall Farm Road, Denton, Manchester, M34 2SY, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Alawan Enterprise Ltd 25 Sunny Bank Road, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M13 0XF, England 2019-11-22
Ans Concessions Ltd Unit 20, 4th Floor 39-47 Devonshire Street, Universal Building, Manchester, M12 6JR, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Bimtok Limited 6 Ward Street, Moston, Manchester, M40 9WS, England 2019-11-22
Fairway Resourcing Limited 14 Fairway View, Audenshaw, Manchester, M34 5YT, England 2019-11-22
Greenhead Manchester Ltd Suit 25, The Point, 173, Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M8 8LG, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Heywood Garage Ltd 176 Heywood Street, Manchester, M8 0PD, England 2019-11-22
Jod Ventures Ltd 7 Cromwell Grove, 7 Cromwell Grove, Manchester, M19 3QD, England 2019-11-22
Jtwo Care Professionals Ltd 142 Portway, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M22 1SE, England 2019-11-22
Kids Hive Ltd 24 Buckingham Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0RU, England 2019-11-22
Lamp Consulting Ltd 581 Queens Road, Manchester, Lacanshire, M40 8TQ, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Oracle Consulting Limited 9.24 12 Leftbank, Manchester, M3 3AG, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Pesheva Ltd 17 Fleeson Street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M14 5NQ, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Seafoodboil Manchester Limited 5 Bankhall Walk, Manchester, M9 5PE, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Shirls Organix Ltd 29 Selworthy Road, Manchester, M16 7UG, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Shuhel Takeaway Ltd 48 Old Church Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M40 2JF, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Smk Lettings Ltd 53 Agnew Road, Manchester, M18 7AR, England 2019-11-22
Sofolu Limited 34 Field Street, Manchester, M18 8GT, United Kingdom 2019-11-22
Ts Performance Coaching Ltd L2-8 Ivy Business Centre, Crown Street, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 9BG, England 2019-11-22
1111 Holdings Ltd 100 Crumpsall Lane, Manchester, M8 5SG, England 2019-11-21
A1 Starshine Ltd 5 Weaving Way, Manchester, M18 7SX, United Kingdom 2019-11-21
Abo (mcr) Services Ltd Flat 12, Nelson Mandela Court, Manchester, M16 8FY, England 2019-11-21
Annies Stores Ltd 50 Sir Williams Court, 192 Hall Lane, Manchester, M23 1DL, England 2019-11-21
Aunty Ji's Ltd 987 Stockport Road, Manchester, M19 2SY, England 2019-11-21
Babylon Limited 429a Bolton Road, Swinton, Manchester, M27 8TD, United Kingdom 2019-11-21
Bee Happy Homes Ltd Shacter Cohen & Bor, 31 Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3LZ, England 2019-11-21
Beech Park Properties Limited P.O.Box M193DL, 793 Stockport Road, Manchester, M19 3DL, England 2019-11-21
Bimbax Ltd Flat 8, 2 Larch Gardens, Manchester, M8 8BJ, United Kingdom 2019-11-21
Blaze Vape Ltd 214- 216 Middleton Road, Manchester, M8 4NA, England 2019-11-21
Blofeld Consultancy Ltd 69 Hopefold Drive, Worsley, Manchester, M28 3PW, England 2019-11-21
Cem Property Management Services Ltd Apartment 610 Cypress Place 9 New Century Park, Green Quarter, Manchester, M4 4EF, United Kingdom 2019-11-21
Curious Crafty Cic 50 Bonsall Street, Manchester, M15 6DT, England 2019-11-21
Deebee Closet Ltd 18a Hawkeshead Road, Manchester, M8 0GY, United Kingdom 2019-11-21
Glaisyers Trust Corporation Limited 1st St James's Square, Manchester, M2 6DN, United Kingdom 2019-11-21
Hill House Contracts Limited Hill House, 122 Hill Lane, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M9 6PW, United Kingdom 2019-11-21
Insimulacra Ltd Unit 18 Pollard Yard, Pollard Street East, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M40 7QX, United Kingdom 2019-11-21