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Source:Companies House, United Kingdom

This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
Best Care Resources Limited 34 Kyle Crescent, Sheffield, S5 8HQ, England 2020-03-31
Gl Garage Ltd S Motor Spares - Gl Garage, Grange Lane, Sheffield, S5 0DP, United Kingdom 2020-03-31
Merian Ltd 9a St. Andrews Close, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2SH, England 2020-03-31
Ad Quality Apartements Ltd Unit Sheffield Busines Centre, Europa Link, Sheffield, S9 1XZ, United Kingdom 2020-03-30
Affinity Gaming Network Limited 234a Holme Lane, Sheffield, S6 4JZ, England 2020-03-30
Asf Accounting Services Limited 75 Lees Hall Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 9JL, United Kingdom 2020-03-30
Bhh Food Ltd 208 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4LW, England 2020-03-30
Cellcoat Uk Ltd 4 Highfield Lane, Sheffield, S13 9NA, England 2020-03-30
Educated Mindfully Limited 218 Totley Brook Road, Sheffield, S17 3QY, England 2020-03-30
Goldnest Developments Ltd 2 Dyke Vale Road, Sheffield, S12 4ER, England 2020-03-30
Skylines Services Ltd 28 Horndean Road, Sheffield, S5 6UL, United Kingdom 2020-03-30
Teedemmy & Co Limited 152 Elm Lane, Sheffield, S5 7TY, England 2020-03-30
Usherwood Treatment Room Ltd 16 Spring Grove Gardens, Wharncliffe Side, Sheffield, S35 0EL, England 2020-03-30
Cards & Gifts Sheffield Limited 46 Chapel Walk, Sheffield, S1 2PD, England 2020-03-27
Double Bourbon Films Ltd Apartment 402 Niagra Dun Works, 21 Acorn Street, Sheffield, S3 8FA, England 2020-03-27
Express Global Products Ltd 11 Mortimer Road, Cubley, Sheffield, S Yorkshire, S36 6DE, England 2020-03-27
Filtreon Uk Ltd 111 City Road, Sheffield, S2 5HF, England 2020-03-27
Gabriela Frant Ltd Flat A, 45 Clarkegrove Road, Sheffield, S10 2NH, England 2020-03-27
Shoppin Buddy Ltd 551 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 1TA, United Kingdom 2020-03-27
Crowntransfer Ltd 94 Exeter Drive, Sheffield, S3 7TW, England 2020-03-26
Francis Morris Medicolegal Reporting Limited 145 Rustlings Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 7AB, England 2020-03-26
Park Hill Business Services Limited 800 Brightside Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 2RX, United Kingdom 2020-03-26
All Things Mystical Uk Ltd 496 Grimesthorpe Road, Sheffield, S4 8LE, United Kingdom 2020-03-25
C35 Building Services Ltd 29 River Bank, Oughtibridge, Sheffield, S35 0GW, England 2020-03-25
Integra Generation LLP C/o Cms Cameron Mckenna Nabarro Olswang LLP Victoria Quays, South Quay, Sheffield, S2 5SY, United Kingdom 2020-03-25
Kollider Limited L3 Castle House, Castle Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S3 8LS, United Kingdom 2020-03-25
Oraculi Properties Ltd 177 Gleadless Common, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S12 2UU, United Kingdom 2020-03-25
T.a.s It Services Ltd 6 Shirland Court, Sheffield, S9 3DY, England 2020-03-25
Annapurna Ventures Limited 7 Blue Ridge Close, Sheffield, S17 3JU, United Kingdom 2020-03-24
Cs Uk Cleaning Services Ltd 1 Edmund Avenue, Sheffield, S17 4RN, United Kingdom 2020-03-24
E46 Motors Ltd 5 Spring Close Court, Sheffield, S14 1RN, England 2020-03-24
Everjan Plumbing & Heating Ltd 193 Morland Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S14 1TH, United Kingdom 2020-03-24
R & S Accountants Limited Enterprise Centre, John Street, Sheffield, S2 4SW, United Kingdom 2020-03-24
Tours Designed Travel Ltd 24 Hartland Drive, Sothall, Sheffield, S20 2QD, England 2020-03-24
Armour Up Ltd 44 Brockwood Close, Sheffield, S13 7QZ, England 2020-03-23
Clifford Sharrow Vale Ltd 25 Thornsett Road, Sheffield, S7 1NB, England 2020-03-23
Db & Sweets Uk Limited 151 Spital Hill, Sheffield, S4 7LD, England 2020-03-23
Dzynr Limited 16 St. Quentin Drive, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S17 4PP, United Kingdom 2020-03-23
Izabela Badea Ltd 47 Masters Crescent, Sheffield, S5 7SQ, England 2020-03-23
Jehovah Jireh Commercial Support Ltd 28 Kenninghall View, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 3WX, United Kingdom 2020-03-23
Peace Consulting Services Ltd 216 Abbeyfield Road, Sheffield, S4 7AZ, England 2020-03-23
R5 Fitness Limited 17 Park Grange Drive, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 3BR, England 2020-03-23
4seasons Holiday Homes Ltd 40a Ashbury Drive, Sheffield, S8 8LE, England 2020-03-20
Ash & Brothers Co Limited 99 Bolsover Road, Sheffield, S5 6US, England 2020-03-20
Defence Group Ltd 33 Carter Knowle Avenue, Sheffield, S11 9FT, United Kingdom 2020-03-20
Dragon Ming Security Solutions Ltd 17 Lytton Avenue, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S5 8AQ, United Kingdom 2020-03-20
Stefan Botea Ltd 21 Holme Close, Sheffield, S6 4LA, England 2020-03-20
Am Premier Ltd 26 East Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 3PQ, United Kingdom 2020-03-19
Bradley Renewables Limited 36 Townhead Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S17 3GA, United Kingdom 2020-03-19
Globalrun Ltd 37 Warren Lane, Chapeltown, Sheffield, S35 2YB, England 2020-03-19
Gosh Property Ltd 1 Cawthorne Grove, Sheffield, S8 0NB, England 2020-03-19
Inixio Limited 18 Churchill Way, 35a Business Park, Sheffield, S35 2PY, United Kingdom 2020-03-19
Trattos Property Enterprises Ltd 218 Warminster Road, Sheffield, S8 8PR, England 2020-03-19
Azra Pizza Ltd Unit 1 Mana House 48 Lordens Hill, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 2QE, United Kingdom 2020-03-18
Christelle Landscapes Limited 68 Laird Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6 4BT, United Kingdom 2020-03-18
Entire Trades Solutions Limited 32 Pedley Close, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S20 8EY, England 2020-03-18
Kd Tamin Ltd 77 Binsted Way, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S5 8NW, England 2020-03-18
La Brow Scene Ltd 19 The Pastures, Todwick, Sheffield, S26 1JH, England 2020-03-18
Marx.k Limited 104 Devonshire Street, Sheffield, S3 7SF, England 2020-03-18
Osbornes Developments Ltd 91 Southey Crescent, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S5 7LW, United Kingdom 2020-03-18
Unite Martial Arts Ltd 62 Old Retford Road, Sheffield, S13 9QZ, England 2020-03-18
Bic Marketing Ltd 4 Newton Chambers Road, Chapeltown, Sheffield, S35 2PH, United Kingdom 2020-03-17
Boxing Champ Camp Ltd Enterprise Zone, 210, Portobello, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 4AE, United Kingdom 2020-03-17
Kashmir News International Limited 64 Beacon Road, Sheffield, S9 1AD, England 2020-03-17
Magicalcrystalcreations Ltd 19 Errington Way, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 2AJ, United Kingdom 2020-03-17
Mandashi Limited 41 Quarry Lane, Brincliffe, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 9EA, United Kingdom 2020-03-17
Migos Cars Ltd 317a Handsworth Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S13 9BP, United Kingdom 2020-03-17
New Era Associates Limited Unit M Staniforth Works, Main Street, Sheffield, S12 4LB, England 2020-03-17
North East Business Resilience Centre Limited Carbrook House, Carbrook Hall Road, Sheffield, S9 2EH, United Kingdom 2020-03-17
Raysland Ltd 87 Exeter Place, Sheffield, S3 7TR, United Kingdom 2020-03-17
Rosamond Drive Media Ltd 11a Rosamond Drive, Sheffield, S17 4LW, England 2020-03-17
Special Force Security Ltd Flat 1 Room 5 290-292, Pitsmoor Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S3 9AW, England 2020-03-17
The Voiceover Chap Limited 12 Osborne Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 9AY, United Kingdom 2020-03-17
A&s Demo & Drainage Ltd 58 Lidgett Lane, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 2QD, England 2020-03-16
Apc Retail Ltd 652 Stannington Road, Stannington, Sheffield, S6 6AE, England 2020-03-16
Celloxen Ltd 3 Spring Grove Huthwaite Lane, Thurgoland, Sheffield, S35 7AF, England 2020-03-16
Dmon Radiology Services Limited 30 Spring Grove Gardens, Wharncliffe Side, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S35 0EL, United Kingdom 2020-03-16
Eccy Furniture Outlet Ltd 403 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8PG, England 2020-03-16
Elevate Promotions Ltd 94, Morton Works, Apartment 26, West Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 4DZ, United Kingdom 2020-03-16
Friday Belles Ltd 101 Herries Road, Sheffield, S5 7AS, England 2020-03-16
Hnw Property Services Ltd 28 School Street, Mosborough, Sheffield, S20 5EB, England 2020-03-16
J&l (yorkshire) Limited 617 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 8PT, England 2020-03-16
Mario Express Ltd 23 Beeches Hollow, Sheffield, S2 3QY, England 2020-03-16
Only Lucky Dogs Theatre Ltd 29 Warwick Street, Sheffield, S10 1LX, England 2020-03-16
Second Sitting Ltd Unit 1 18-20 Stanley Street, Sheffield, S3 8HJ, United Kingdom 2020-03-16
Sweeny 5 Ltd 978-980 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S7 2QF, England 2020-03-16
Tgs Associates Ltd 26 Clifford Road, Sheffield, S11 9AQ, England 2020-03-16
Tipple Tank Ltd The Old Farmhouse North, Turner Croft, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 1AA, United Kingdom 2020-03-16
Tom Armes Creative Ltd Velocity Tower, St Mary's Gate, Sheffield, S1 4LR, United Kingdom 2020-03-16
Victoria Quays Marina Limited Basin Masters Office, Victoria Quays, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 5SY, United Kingdom 2020-03-16
Abdul-salam A 2 Z Ltd 15 Wensley Road, Sheffield, S4 8HL, United Kingdom 2020-03-13
Afy Ltd 215 Greenland Way, Sheffield, S9 5GG, England 2020-03-13
I-aspire Foundation Community Interest Company 7 Mount Pleasant Road, Sheffield, S7 1BA, England 2020-03-13
Lilac Medical Ltd 4a Slayleigh Lane, Sheffield, S10 3RF, England 2020-03-13
Mathon Ltd 20 Saxon Avenue, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S17 3SB, United Kingdom 2020-03-13
Bea's Babies Limited 1 Ecclesall Road South, Sheffield, S11 9PA, England 2020-03-12
Clean Machine and Clearance Limited 21 Nile Street, Sheffield, S10 2PN, England 2020-03-12
Fuggle Bunny Chapter Two Ltd 9 James Walton Place, Halfway, Sheffield, S20 3GP, England 2020-03-12
Golden Scissors S1 Ltd 218 West Street, Sheffield, S1 4EU, England 2020-03-12
Marian M Ltd 46 Wade Street, Sheffield, S4 8HW, England 2020-03-12