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This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
Babooji Ltd 273 Portswood Road, Southampton, SO17 2LD, United Kingdom 2019-06-28
Caro Percy Ltd Chilworth Point, 1 Chilworth Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 7JQ, United Kingdom 2019-06-28
Craig Mitcham Joinery Ltd 26 Malvern Gardens, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 2UJ, United Kingdom 2019-06-28
Dakata Limited Flat 41, Polymond House, 61 Castle Way, Southampton, SO14 2ED, England 2019-06-28
Family Learning Club.com Limited 169 Golden Grove, Southampton, SO14 1TD, England 2019-06-28
D2d Trans Ltd 1a Seaward Road, Southampton, SO19 2HA, England 2019-06-27
Encompass Wealth Ltd Second Floor 113 Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford, Southampton, Hampshire, SO53 2GH, United Kingdom 2019-06-27
More Carpentry Ltd 102 Cowley Close, Southampton, SO16 9WE, England 2019-06-27
Global Alliance Advisory Services Ltd Thorn Knoll Salterns Lane, Old Bursledon, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 8DH, England 2019-06-26
Slumberjack Films Ltd 26 Walkers Lane North, Blackfield, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 1YE, United Kingdom 2019-06-26
Alexvladlavinia Ltd 26 Hawkeswood Road, Southampton, SO18 1AB, United Kingdom 2019-06-25
Evolution Windows & Doors Ltd 71 Bramley Crescent, Southampton, Hampshire, SO19 9LJ, United Kingdom 2019-06-25
Hamble Property Hosts Ltd 23 Avro Court, Hamble, Southampton, SO31 4FJ, England 2019-06-25
Kontiki Active Ltd 95 Thirlmere Road, Southampton, SO16 9FL, England 2019-06-25
Magic Motors Ltd Flat 7 Valley Copse, 89 Botany Bay Rd, Southampton, SO19 8FE, United Kingdom 2019-06-25
Providence Park (the Manor) Rtm Company Limited 65 Providence Park, Southampton, SO16 7QW, United Kingdom 2019-06-25
Providence Park (the Terrace) Rtm Company Limited 32 Providence Park, Southampton, SO16 7QN, England 2019-06-25
Zener Marine Electrical Services Ltd Hillside Dodwell Lane, Bursledon, Southampton, SO31 1DJ, United Kingdom 2019-06-25
Acm Catering Services Ltd 49 Players Crescent, Totton, Southampton, SO40 9BB, England 2019-06-24
Allnet Group Ltd 65a Denzil Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0LP, United Kingdom 2019-06-24
Anaya Logistics Limited 31 Macarthur Crescent, Southampton, Hampshire, SO18 4SS, United Kingdom 2019-06-24
Ap Dry Lining Ltd 54 Primrose Road, Southampton, SO16 3GP, England 2019-06-24
Beauty Hint Limited 26 Winchfield Close, Southampton, SO19 9JF, England 2019-06-24
Crown Road Residents Management Company Limited Unit 1 Station Industrial Park Duncan Road, Park Gate, Southampton, SO31 1BX, United Kingdom 2019-06-24
Fairhurst Fabrications Ltd 492 Hinkler Road, Hinkler Road, Southampton, SO19 6DH, England 2019-06-24
Jfl Tyres Limited Rear Unit Henty Works, Henty Road, Southampton, SO16 4GF, England 2019-06-24
Jrb Carpentry Ltd 29 Howard Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO18 2LJ, United Kingdom 2019-06-24
Milktree Limited First Floor 3, College Place, Southampton, SO15 2FB, England 2019-06-24
R Lenney Ltd 38 Morant Crescent, Botley, Southampton, SO32 2FY, England 2019-06-24
Wheatlands Construction Southern Limited Woodlands Field, The Crescent, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 7AQ, England 2019-06-24
Empire Industrial Properties Ltd Unit 36 City Industrial Park, Southern Road, Southampton, SO15 1HA, England 2019-06-21
J&t Healthcare Ltd 17 Dragoon Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO19 1SH, United Kingdom 2019-06-21
Three 57 Cad Design Ltd 12 Ticonderoga Gardens, Southampton, Hampshire, SO19 9HB, United Kingdom 2019-06-21
A&s Building Services South Ltd 54 Shirley High Street, Southampton, SO15 3NF, England 2019-06-20
Alliance Support Services Limited 12 - 14 Carlton Place, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2EA, England 2019-06-20
D&g Creative Solutions Ltd 53 Rosewall Road, Southampton, SO16 5DU, England 2019-06-20
Eurooferta Ltd 23 Springford Gardens, Southampton, SO16 5SW, United Kingdom 2019-06-20
Konnect Group Holdings Ltd Fairways House Mount Pleasant Road, Alpha Business Park, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0QB, United Kingdom 2019-06-20
The Vegan Scullery Ltd 14 Walkers Lane South, Blackfield, Southampton, SO45 1YN, England 2019-06-20
The Wardrobe Museum (venue) Limited Unit E Building 9, Swanwick Marina, Swanwick, Southampton, Hants, SO31 1ZL, United Kingdom 2019-06-20
Walcroft & Sons Ltd 87 Flat 87 Hampton Tower International Way, Southampton, Hampshire, SO19 9PD, United Kingdom 2019-06-20
Zigfi Electonics Ltd 12 Parkside Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 9AG, England 2019-06-20
Best Steel Fixing Ltd Future Home Improvements, 33, Queens Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3BQ, United Kingdom 2019-06-19
Condor Business Solutions Limited Ols, Test Lane, Southampton, SO16 9TA, England 2019-06-19
Ecg Actuarial Services Ltd Retreat House 4 Water Lane, Totton, Southampton, SO40 3DP, United Kingdom 2019-06-19
J.a.m Holldings Limited 76 Rownhams Lane, North Baddesley, Southampton, SO52 9HQ, United Kingdom 2019-06-19
Jameshickman Ltd 121 Victoria Road 121 Victoria Road, Woolston, 121 Victoria Road, Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire, SO199EG, England 2019-06-19
Secura Holdings Limited Wayside Woodhouse Lane, Botley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 2DJ, England 2019-06-19
The Flag & Scarfman Ltd 15 Maple Rd, Maple Road, Southampton, SO18 4EF, England 2019-06-19
Cd Scaffold Ltd 68 Roseleigh Drive Roseleigh Drive, Totton, Southampton, SO40 7JY, United Kingdom 2019-06-18
Equmbu Ltd Suite 38, 151 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2BT, United Kingdom 2019-06-18
Kdj Railway Solutions Limited 321 Old Swanwick Lane, Lower Swanwick, Southampton, SO31 7GS, United Kingdom 2019-06-18
Vapeandchil Limited 280 Shirley Road, Southampton, SO15 3HL, United Kingdom 2019-06-18
Assured Decorating Limited 32d Bassett Wood Drive, Bassett, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 3PS, England 2019-06-17
Dougsits Private Limited 88 Outer Circle, Southampton, SO165HD, United Kingdom 2019-06-17
Farrells Carpentry and Building Services Limited 73 Africa Drive, Marchwood, Southampton, SO40 4WF, England 2019-06-17
Genco Restaurant & Bar Ltd 44 Elliot Rise, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 2RU, England 2019-06-17
Hurst Auto Assistance Ltd 89 Brunswick Place, Southampton, SO40 8AJ, United Kingdom 2019-06-17
Mybaggie's Ltd 4 Armstrong Court, Sutherland Road Lordshill, Southampton, Hampshire, SO168GG, England 2019-06-17
R H Hammond and Sons Limited 7 Northbrook Industrial Estate, Vincent Avenue, Southampton, SO16 6PB, United Kingdom 2019-06-17
Rick Eldridge Training Ltd 9 Peppard Close, Southampton, SO18 6SX, England 2019-06-17
Workplace Well-being Solutions Ltd 32 Monarch Way, West End, Southampton, SO30 3JQ, England 2019-06-17
Avenue Cars Southampton Limited 39 The Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO17 1XN, England 2019-06-14
Bluebay Venues Ltd 1 Crowther Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO19 1BX, England 2019-06-14
Coco Cargo Transport Ltd 1hilda Place, Kent Street, Southampton, Uk, SO145SP, England 2019-06-14
Green Rockets Motorcycle Display Team Cic 24a Warsash Road, Warsash, Southampton, SO31 9HX, England 2019-06-14
Hawthorn Stories Ltd C/o 12 - 14 Carlton Place, Southampton, Hampshire, England 2019-06-14
Hoxha Steelfixing Services Ltd Bonheur, Pinegrove Road, Southampton, SO19 2RG, United Kingdom 2019-06-14
Jpr Contracting Ltd 27 Jacksons Road Jackson's Road, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 2GG, England 2019-06-14
Kamil Janus Ltd 59 Exford Avenue, Southampton, SO18 5DR, England 2019-06-14
Meta Cars Ltd 5 Ampthill Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 8LN, United Kingdom 2019-06-14
Surin Incorporated Ltd 7 Polymond House, 61 Castleway, Southampton, SO142ED, England 2019-06-14
The Gift Stop Ltd 14 Blackberry Terrace, Southampton, SO14 0EE, United Kingdom 2019-06-14
The Home Team Pl Ltd 16 Scott Road, Southampton, SO19 9HE, England 2019-06-14
Tom & Maria Ltd 50 Beaulieu Close, Southampton, SO16 8ED, England 2019-06-14
Anai Ship Design Ltd 18 Hulse Road, Flat 8, Bannister Court, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2QU, England 2019-06-13
Cherrett Consultancy Ltd 6 Holly Hill Lane, Sarisbury Green, Southampton, SO31 7AD, England 2019-06-13
Clarke Bridge Solutions Ltd 104 Bridge Road, Sarisbury Green, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 7EP, England 2019-06-13
Contemporary Slate and Stone Limited Unit 8 Grange Road, Netley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 8GD, United Kingdom 2019-06-13
Distributions Pro Services Ltd 43 Albert Road South, Southampton, SO14 3FR, England 2019-06-13
Franjoy Limited 5 Arakan Crescent, Marchwood, Southampton, SO40 4TS, England 2019-06-13
Puccinis Shirley Limited 325-326 Shirley Road, Southampton, SO15 3HW, England 2019-06-13
Acam Group II Ltd 48 Winchester Road, Winchester Road, Southampton, SO16 6UL, England 2019-06-12
Electric Car Home Ltd Garswood, Warnford, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 3LH, England 2019-06-12
Maximus Properties (southern) Ltd 9 Caigers Green, Burridge, Southampton, SO31 1EE, United Kingdom 2019-06-12
Oakdene Construction Services Limited 74 Peartree Avenue, Southampton, SO19 7JP, United Kingdom 2019-06-12
Pink & Purple Limited Colbury House Cottage Hill Street, Calmore, Southampton, SO40 2RX, United Kingdom 2019-06-12
Rebar Kebabs Limited 58 Lodge Road, Porswood Best Kebabs, Southampton, SO14 6RG, England 2019-06-12
Simply Be Safe Limited Glenhurst 22 Moorlands Crescent, Bitterne, Southampton, SO18 5QS, United Kingdom 2019-06-12
Utopia Desserts Ltd 135 Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 7AE, England 2019-06-12
Weybourne Holdings Limited 27 27 Middle Road, Park Gate, Southampton, SO31 7GH, England 2019-06-12
Woodward Enterprises (southampton) Ltd 96 Regents Park Road, Southampton, SO15 8PD, England 2019-06-12
Bajames Ent Limited 94 St. Denys Road, Southampton, SO17 2FP, United Kingdom 2019-06-11
Clara Services Limited 4 Portswood Park, Portswood Road, Southampton, SO17 2EW, England 2019-06-11
Cohen’s Box C.i.c. 23 Ambledale, Sarisbury Green, Southampton, SO31 7BR, England 2019-06-11
D.m.c Body Shop Ltd 4a Treeside Avenue, Totton, Southampton, SO40 9HJ, England 2019-06-11
Invictus Vape Uk Limited 6 Barwell Terrace, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 0PG, England 2019-06-11
Md Primmer Ltd 75 Testwood Lane, Totton, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 3BT, United Kingdom 2019-06-11
Omni Commerce Consulting LLP Heathersett Chilworth Road, Chilworth, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 7JX, England 2019-06-11
Origami Effect Ltd 42 Hampton Tower, International Way, Southampton, SO19 9PB, England 2019-06-11