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Source:Companies House, United Kingdom

This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
!nked Ltd 29 Corry Drive, London, SW9 8QS, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
1942 Hsk Ltd 33 Molton House, Charlotte Terrace, London, N10JJ, England 2019-09-30
465ish Ltd 18 Savile Row, London, W1S 3PW, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
55 Whiteley Road Freehold Ltd 55 Whiteley Road, London, SE19 1JU, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
5goreconn Limited 4th Floor, Fitzrovia House, 153-157 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 6QW, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
A.l.g Fashion Ltd 9 Studio 9, Cornelius Drebbel House, Empson Street, London, E3 3LT, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Aaa Property Services Ltd 1a Cocoon House Off Lime Grove Road, Market Approach, London, W12 8EE, England 2019-09-30
Ab Textile London Ltd 427 Accurate Accountant Co Ltd Green Lanes, London, N4 1EY, England 2019-09-30
Ab2k Limited Greenway Court, Canning Road, London, E15 3ND, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
About You Event Hire Ltd P.O.Box SW9 8QJ, Mansion Close, Mansion Close, London, SW9 8QJ, England 2019-09-30
Abwan Records Limited Flat 23 Grove House, Waverley Grove, London, N3 3PU, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Activepanda Ltd 65 Trinity Church Square, London, SE1 4HT, England 2019-09-30
Actual Electrical Construction Ltd P.O.Box 35A, 35a Village Way, London, NW10 0LN, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Adrian Bolt & Cresswell Solicitors Limited 1 Dore Avenue, London, E12 6JT, England 2019-09-30
Adum Sudum Ltd 45 Pond Road, London, London, E15 3BD, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Adw Ventures Ltd 23c Louisville Road, London, SW17 8RL, England 2019-09-30
Agn Services Ltd 5 Midland Place, Midland Place, London, E14 3DZ, England 2019-09-30
Agri Developement Europe Limited 22 Offerton Road, Flat 1, London, SW4 0DJ, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Ahmed & Co. Limited 26 New Road, London, E1 2AX, England 2019-09-30
Al Madinah Hajj & Umrah Ltd 12 Rigg Approach, London, E10 7QN, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Alif Laam Meem Limited 10 Lathom Road, London, E6 2DU, England 2019-09-30
Aliza’s Hair Ltd 495/497 Oxford Road, London, RG30 1HF, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
All Things Salesforce Limited 602 Wharfside Point South, 4, Prestons Road, London, E14 9EL, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Alojz Plumbers Ltd Limited Flat 12, Gaitskell House, Katherine Road, London, E6 1ET, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Ambiaa London Ltd 27 Greatorex Street, London, E1 5NP, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Ambreen Properties Limited Flat 57 Sandgate House, Pembury Road, London, E5 8JH, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Ameleuna Care Ltd 24 Pitshanger Lane, London, W5 1QY, England 2019-09-30
Ami-uk Limited 15 Cheneys Road, London, United Kingdom, E11 3LL, England 2019-09-30
Ample Study & Global Admission Systems Limited 49 Frederick Place, London, SE18 7BH, England 2019-09-30
Anatolian Love Counseling Ltd Suite 311 Coventry House 1-3, Coventry Road, London, IG1 4QR, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Andchalo Properties Limited 30c Cheltenham Road, London, SE15 3AQ, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Andrew Burns Physiotherapy Ltd 9 Lebanon Road, London, SW18 1RE, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Angie's Hotpot Ltd 42 Spencer Road, London, E17 4BD, England 2019-09-30
Ans Sports Ltd 135 Commercial Road, First Floor, London, E1 1PX, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Apex Jiu-jitsu Ltd Flat 57 Goldie House, Hazellville Road, London, N19 3LY, England 2019-09-30
Araman Limited 12 Woodford House, 4 Thurstan Street, London, SW6 2GB, England 2019-09-30
Archsign Ltd 85, First Floor, Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7LT, England 2019-09-30
Atheia Ltd 140 De Beauvoir Road, London, N1 4DJ, England 2019-09-30
Ature Build Limited Flat 7, H Block, London, W6 9PU, England 2019-09-30
Ayang Ltd 18 Brantwood Road, London, SE24 0DJ, England 2019-09-30
Ayton House Pictures Ltd 15b Saunders Road, Saunders Road, London, SE18 1NT, England 2019-09-30
B&h London Services Ltd 280 Hermitage Road, London, N4 1NR, England 2019-09-30
Bakka Tours Ltd 74 Newham Travel Ltd Upton Lane, London, E7 9LW, England 2019-09-30
Bar and Magic Ltd 28 Elstree Gardens, Belvedere, London, Kent, DA17 5DN, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Baselife Ltd 252 Flat C, Randolph Avenue, London, W9 1PF, England 2019-09-30
Be Safe Pluming & Heating Limited 89g Broomsleigh Street, London, NW6 1QQ, England 2019-09-30
Beckles-raymond Ltd 85 Cairnfield Avenue, London, NW2 7PH, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Beka Group Ltd Flat 130, 3 Lakeside Drive, Abbottsford Court, London, NW10 7GB, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Beltton Venture Ltd 17 Gipsy Road, London, SE27 9NP, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Berber Smith Limited 61d Princes Gate, London, SW7 2PD, England 2019-09-30
Bidhi & Immigration Limited 19 Prospect Vale, London, SE18 5HT, England 2019-09-30
Bink Blast International Limited 313 Meranti House, 84 Alie Street, London, E1 8QB, England 2019-09-30
Bkcb Limited 160 Seven Sisters Road, London, N7 7PT, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Blue Head Limited 14 Bob Marley Way, Flat 1, London, SE24 0LP, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Bookacourse Ltd Bizniz Point Stratford, 44 Broadway Bizniz Point Stratford, 44 Broadway, Bizniz Point Stratford, 44 Broadway, London, Uk, E15 1XH, England 2019-09-30
Borse Investments Ltd 76a Fortune Green Road, London, NW6 1DS, England 2019-09-30
Boujie Beauty Nail Bar Ltd 78 Hornsey Road, 34 Talbot House, London, N7 7LT, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Bowker Lopez Holdings Ltd Flat 3 Stibbington House, Cranleigh Street, London, NW1 1NS, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Bricks N Mortar Buildings Limited 47 Ashcombe Park, London, NW2 7QU, England 2019-09-30
Britania Security Services Limited 135 Edensor Gardens, London, W4 2RF, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Buildeasy Consulting Ltd 57 Taeping Street, London, E14 9UT, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Butterfly Motion Ltd Brammil Associates LLP, 677 High Road, North Finchley, London, N12 0DA, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
C Beau Ltd 39 Loraine Road, London, N7 6HB, England 2019-09-30
Candluxe Ltd 18 Fothergill Close, Fothergill Close, London, E13 0LJ, England 2019-09-30
Career Fluid Ltd 4 Park Avenue, Park Avenue, London, N13 5PF, England 2019-09-30
Cars Galore Ltd 24 Ida Road, London, N15 5JE, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Cash-a-cheque (uk) Limited 58 Grafton Road, London, NW5 3DY, England 2019-09-30
Cbm Sneakers Ltd Flat 1 59 Oldridge Road, Oldridge Road, London, SW12 8PP, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Cearda Rendering Ltd 48 The Avenue, London, N17 6TD, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Chang Shun Limited 56 Kenway Road, London, SW5 0RA, England 2019-09-30
Chauffeur Hiring Services Limited 2 Hillingdon Street Prescott House, London, SE17 3PH, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Chessington Mansions Rtm Company Ltd Flat 23 Chessington Mansions, Colworth Road, London, E11 1HZ, England 2019-09-30
Ciceron Rentals Limited 12 Starboard Way, London, E16 2PF, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
City Chef Ltd 53-54 Statue House, Aldgate High Street, London, EC3N 1AL, England 2019-09-30
Clearkode Limited 38 Rotherfield Street, London, N1 3DZ, England 2019-09-30
Cloud9supply Ltd 44 Commercial Way, London, SE15 5JQ, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Cobeauty Enterprises Ltd 160 Beechcroft Road, London, SW17 7DG, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Comfort Property Maintenance Ltd 34 Whymark Avenue, London, N22 6DJ, England 2019-09-30
Conan Sturdy, Blacksmith Ltd Unit 19 Vale Industrial Park, 170 Rowan Road, London, SW16 5BN, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Conchi Limited 88 Lexham Gardens, Flat 8, London, London, W8 5JB, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Concrete Partnership II LLP Campus London, 4 - 5 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4BX 2019-09-30
Constanter Properties Ltd 15 Strathyre Avenue, London, SW16 4RF, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Constraction Uk Ltd 33 New Broadway, London, W5 5AH, England 2019-09-30
Cooler Cup Ltd 24 Lordsview One, St. Johns Wood Road, London, NW8 7HL, England 2019-09-30
Copfromdrop Ltd 67 Marler Road, London, SE23 2AE, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Costello Farming Ltd 36 Beresford Road, London, N5 2HZ, England 2019-09-30
Courtmacsherry Management Ltd 24 Huntsworth Mews, Marylebone, London, NW1 6DB, England 2019-09-30
Cps Suppliers Ltd 28a Kilkie Street, London, SW6 2SQ, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Cube Post Production Limited 29 Cathcart Hill, London, N19 5QN, England 2019-09-30
D&b Building Services Ltd 235a Plumstead High Street, London, SE18 1HF, England 2019-09-30
D&g Ventures Ltd Countrywide Developments Plc, Elmhurst 98-106, London, E18 2QH, England 2019-09-30
Dark Obsidian Limited 6 Ponsard Road, London, NW10 6BL, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Daytona Investors Ltd Unit 52, Park Royal Road, London, NW10 7LQ, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Desk-tech Ltd 13 Marshall Path, London, SE28 8DX, England 2019-09-30
Deus Techno Policy Ltd 50 Aberdare Gardens, London, NW6 3QA, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Dfd Drive Ltd 5 Walsham How Close, London, E17 3GL, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Digi Accelerator Ltd 155a Chingford Mount Road, Chingford, London, E4 8LT, United Kingdom 2019-09-30
Digital Marketery Ltd 84 Ground Floor, Colworth Road, London, E11 1JD, England 2019-09-30
Dink Animations Ltd 33c Thicket Road, London, SE20 8DB, England 2019-09-30
Dmgrenovation&solutions Ltd. 6 Holmesdale Close, London, South Norwood, SE25 6PW, England 2019-09-30