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Source:Companies House, United Kingdom

This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date
3tl (kirkby) Limited Cataclean House 34, Wellington Employment Park Dunes Way, Liverpool, Merseyside, L5 9RJ, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Ali M Ali Limited 37 Aigburth Street, Aigburth Street, Liverpool, L7 3LJ, England 2019-04-30
Anar Restaurants (liverpool) Ltd C/o Saka House Saka House, The Old Bus Station, Green Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L13 7JN, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Arb Property Investments Limited 18 Gannock Street, Liverpool, L7 0EJ, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Ascot Liverpool One Limited 122 South Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L22 0ND, England 2019-04-30
Cavern Walks Capital Limited Kingsway House, Hatton Garden, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 2AJ, England 2019-04-30
Core Coffee Ready To Eat Ltd Lab By Capacity, 6th Floor, Tempest Buidling, 12 Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L2 2DT, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Crlabs Ltd 11 Warbreck Moor, Liverpool, L9 4RN, England 2019-04-30
Dannys Transport Ltd 5 5 Petersfield, Liverpool, L301SG, England 2019-04-30
Dp Hines Ltd C/o Houlihan & Co Accountants Maggie O'neill Resource Centre, 433 Liverpool Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L36 8HT, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Elegant Homes Nw Ltd 300 St Mary's Road, Garston, Liverpool, Merseyside, L19 0NQ, England 2019-04-30
Graystone Properties (nw) Limited Seymour Chambers, London Road, Liverpool, L3 5NW, England 2019-04-30
Jazzballoon Ltd 5 Colwall Road, Liverpool, L33 5XJ, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Linforth&son Ltd 7 Kingsmead Drive, Liverpool, L25 0NG, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Liverpool Dog Swim Ltd 1 St. Andrews Drive, Huyton, Liverpool, L36 8JF, England 2019-04-30
M.d.r. Northwest Limited Rosehill House Pygons Hill Lane, Lydiate, Liverpool, Merseyside, L31 4JF, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Mccormick Rail Limited 1 Torcross Way, Woolton, Liverpool, L25 3NU, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Nemobridge Ltd 28 Thornbury Road, Liverpool, L4 7TS, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Oceanslides Ltd 157a Westminster Road, Liverpool, L4 4LR, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Power Station Films Ltd 1st Floor Maxwell House, Liverpool Innovation Park, Liverpool, Merseyside, L7 9NJ, England 2019-04-30
Radiance Beauty Boutique Ltd 69 Garston Old Road, Liverpool, L19 9AD, England 2019-04-30
Sean Charles Interiors Ltd 166 Linacre Road, Liverpool, L21 8JU, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Shimmer and Shine Valet Ltd 55 Black Horse Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L135TU, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Southstrong Ltd 5a Southern Road, Liverpool, L24 2SR, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Squaremeet Ltd 1 Brock Street, Liverpool, L4 1XT, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
The Little Guy Payroll Solutions Limited 24 Parkfield Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 4RH, England 2019-04-30
Tidepatrollers Ltd 50 Whitehaven Road, Liverpool, L5 0BB, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Total Heating Proffesionals Limited Unit 2 Deltic Way, Knowsley, Liverpool, L337BA, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Wintertois Ltd 5 Millersdale Avenue, Liverpool, L9 0JU, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Zolvect Ltd 20 Eaton Close, West Derby, Liverpool, L12 5JJ, United Kingdom 2019-04-30
Angel's Gk Ltd 193 Rice Lane, Liverpool, L9 1AQ, England 2019-04-29
Benvi Project Ltd. 15 Pitville Avenue, Liverpool, L18 7JE, England 2019-04-29
Cana Spirits Limited 14 Pembroke Place, Liverpool, L3 5PX, England 2019-04-29
Connorkraft Limited 18 Saint Domingo V, Liverpool, L56RW, England 2019-04-29
Daniel T Kelly Limited 22 Southbank Road, Edge Hill, Liverpool, L7 9LP, England 2019-04-29
Dust Wholesale Limited 20 Byron Close, Liverpool, L36 0UH, England 2019-04-29
Escm2 Ltd 36 36 Waterloo Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 1RF, England 2019-04-29
Ginger Roza Ltd 221 Hawthorne Road, Bootle, Liverpool, L20 3AN, United Kingdom 2019-04-29
Iconic Property Investments Nw Ltd Unit 1, Imperial Court, Exchange St East, Liverpool, L2 3AB, United Kingdom 2019-04-29
Jarg Liverpool Ltd Flat 8, 17 Devonshire Road, Princes Park, Liverpool, Merseyside, L8 3TX, England 2019-04-29
Kilo Krumb Limited 2 Dinas Court, Liverpool, L36 2QY, England 2019-04-29
Kjp Houses Ltd 14 Huskisson Street, Flat 4, Liverpool, L8 7LR, United Kingdom 2019-04-29
Kmcmahon Electrical Ltd 54 Larkhill Lane, Liverpool, L13 9BN, England 2019-04-29
Liverpool Golf Catering Ltd Liverpool Golf Ltd, Caldway Drive, Liverpool, L27 0YB, England 2019-04-29
M T Creegan Ltd 42 Woodhouse Close, Liverpool, L4 4HY, United Kingdom 2019-04-29
M.i.c Construction and Development Ltd 9 St. Stephens Road, Hightown, Liverpool, Merseyside, L38 0BL, England 2019-04-29
Marks Experience Co Limited Suite 7c, The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9QJ, United Kingdom 2019-04-29
Mersey Landscapes and Building Services Ltd 29 The Birches, Liverpool, L287RQ, England 2019-04-29
Mersey Spirits Group Ltd 21 Sandown Lane, Wavertree, Liverpool, Merseyside, L15 8HY, England 2019-04-29
Nex Trans Ltd 79 Hansby Drive, Speke, Liverpool, L24 9LW, England 2019-04-29
Nimrod Holdings Group Limited 48-52 Penny Lane, Liverpool, L18 1DG, England 2019-04-29
Nmsb Bootle Limited 42 Merton Road, Bootle, Liverpool, L20 3BW, England 2019-04-29
None Disclosure Limited 117 Lodge Lane, Liverpool, L8 0QF, England 2019-04-29
Ovenhaus Ltd 16 Glen Road, Liverpool, L13 4DF, England 2019-04-29
Paws On The Horizon Ltd 40 Springfield Crescent, Liverpool, L36 8FG, England 2019-04-29
Pjh Welding Ltd 28 Moorfoot Way, Liverpool, L33 1WY, United Kingdom 2019-04-29
Ppw Wholesale Limited 13 Jacqueline Drive, Liverpool, L36 1TT, England 2019-04-29
Rayanroxana Ltd 107 Snowberry Road, Liverpool, Liverpool, L14 8XN, United Kingdom 2019-04-29
Skylyne Wholesale Limited 14 Cheddar Grove, Liverpool, L32 7RS, England 2019-04-29
Smith Plumbing & Heating Ltd 13 Edna Avenue, Liverpool, L10 0AN, England 2019-04-29
Sn Geophysics Ltd Apartment 35 The Reach, 39 Leeds Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 2DA, United Kingdom 2019-04-29
The Bookworm Players Cic 1a The Lodge, Anfield Road, Liverpool, L4 0TD, England 2019-04-29
Thegardenfloristry Limited 7 Crucian Way, Liverpool, L12 0AW, England 2019-04-29
Uiy Prints Co Limited 6 Midway Road, Liverpool, L36 7TQ, England 2019-04-29
Untitled Group Limited Unit 8 Coopers Lane, Knowsley Industrial Park, Liverpool, L33 7UB, England 2019-04-29
Village Entertainment Limited Suite 4102 Charlotte House Queens Dock Business Centre, Norfolk Street, Liverpool, L1 0BG, United Kingdom 2019-04-29
Arabic Development, Training & Sport Forum 40 Arundel Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside, L17 2AU 2019-04-26
Ardent International Limited 6 Longmoor Lane, Aintree, Liverpool, L6 OEF, United Kingdom 2019-04-26
Brookfield (nw) Ltd 28 Cambridge Road Formby, Liverpool, L37 2EL, England 2019-04-26
Build & Construction Group Ltd Stuart Mcbain Ltd, 18 Century Building, Tower Street, Liverpool, L3 4BJ, England 2019-04-26
Casmo Uk Ltd 68 Rodney Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 9AF, United Kingdom 2019-04-26
Cemps (uk) Van Hire Ltd 3rd Floor, Temple Square, Temple Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L2 5RH, England 2019-04-26
D & S (north West) Ltd 7th Floor Cotton House, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9TX, United Kingdom 2019-04-26
D G Hughes Ltd 39 Howden Drive, Liverpool, Merseyside, L36 4NU, United Kingdom 2019-04-26
Dacrux Design Ltd 1 Oldfield Road, Liverpool, L19 9BU, United Kingdom 2019-04-26
Ecosoni Ltd 102 Sandy Rd, Liverpool, Merseyside, L21 1AG, United Kingdom 2019-04-26
Glfa Co Limited No. 1, St Pauls Square, Liverpool, L3 9SJ, United Kingdom 2019-04-26
Jk Painting Ltd Unit 8, Lodgeworks Birchill Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, Liverpool, L33 7TD, United Kingdom 2019-04-26
K Burke Limited 211 Cherry Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L4 6UQ, United Kingdom 2019-04-26
Liverpool Social Ltd 4 Hardman St, Liverpool, L1 9AX, England 2019-04-26
Lubera Transport Ltd 82 Merecliff, Liverpool, L28 5RG, England 2019-04-26
Mopray Ltd Flat 32, Simpson Street, Liverpool, L1 0AX, United Kingdom 2019-04-26
Proflow I.t Limited 16 Lethbridge Close, Lethbridge Close, Liverpool, Merseyside, L5 7TY, England 2019-04-26
The Paisley Gates Ltd 124 Breck Road, Anfield, Liverpool, Merseyside, L4 2RD, England 2019-04-26
Wrightdevelopment Group Limited 37 Rufford Av Rufford Avenue, Maghull, Liverpool, L31 9BY, England 2019-04-26
Yoga Nation Wellbeing Hub Cic 75-79 County Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L4 3QD 2019-04-26
Zampa Ltd Apartment 5, 2, Jamaica Street, Liverpool, L1 0AF, England 2019-04-26
Ams Surveyors Limited 20 Maregreen Road, Liverpool, L4 1AA, England 2019-04-25
Anchorlychee Ltd Flat 1 579a Prescot Road, Old Swan, Liverpool, L13 5UX, United Kingdom 2019-04-25
Bee Beautiful Tanning Limited 9 Sherborne Square, Liverpool, L36 9UR, England 2019-04-25
Clarksapp Ltd 55 Yew Tree Lane, Liverpool, L12 9HQ, United Kingdom 2019-04-25
Coutrywide Van Hire (north West) Limited The Cornerstons, 2 Liston Street, Liverpool, L4 5RT, England 2019-04-25
D & S Safety Consultants Ltd 55 Hampden Street, Walton, Liverpool, L4 5TY, England 2019-04-25
Digi Scribble Ltd 21 Granville Road, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 2HP, England 2019-04-25
Elisabeth Annat Consultancy Services Limited 3rd Floor 5 Temple Square, Temple Street, Liverpool, L2 5RH, United Kingdom 2019-04-25
Erlebachers Ltd 1 Handfield Street, Liverpool, L5 6PE, United Kingdom 2019-04-25
Escalator Step Advertising Ltd Flat 6 Millenium Court 4 College Road, Crosby, Liverpool, L23 0YE, United Kingdom 2019-04-25
Flamizel Ltd 96 Elmhurst Road, Liverpool, L25 2XX, United Kingdom 2019-04-25
Franksnurserycrafts Ltd 76 Critchley Road, Liverpool, L24 7RW, United Kingdom 2019-04-25
Liverpool Region Mosque Network Ltd 85-87 Vauxhall Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 6BN, United Kingdom 2019-04-25